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"Because " He stopped, then raised his head as if a sudden and wicked thought had flashed across his mind. His eyes sparkled. "I dare not tell." He cast his eyes to the ground, and a bitter smile passed over his lips. "Why dare you not tell?" both Say and Okoya inquired. "Has sa nashtio told you not to say anything about it?" "Not he, but the Koshare Naua." It was like an explosion.

Believe me," the medicine-woman assured her, "you are saved; they can do you no harm." It rained softly in the court-yard; inside of the room it went on, pat, pat, pat, pat, dripping through the ceiling. Shotaye resumed the conversation. "Speak, sa tao," she said; "speak, and tell me what you think. Why is it that you still believe that bad men will be able to do you harm?

In La Fort's manuscript the letter frequently occurred, but always, as his pronunciation showed, either as a diacritical sign following the vowel a, to give to that vowel the sound of a in "far," or else as representing itself this vowel sound. Thus the syllable which should properly be written sa was written by La Fort either sar or sr. The loss of the Greek digamma is a well-known instance.

"Sa conformité essentielle avec la co-ordination, en quelque sorte spontanée, qui se trouve en effet implicitement admise par les savants livrés

Finally, after a last breakdown, we saw steam-launch Effuenta lying high and dry upon the beach at Sánmá. We had nothing to complain of the engineer, Mr. William George, a Leonite, and of the helmsman, Kwámina Ekum, a Gold Coast man. Both did their best with the heavily laden trio of boats. Cameron established himself compass, log, lead, and dredge in the steamer stern.

At this theatre she lost no time in exhibiting that independence and caprice to which, as much as to her talent, she owes her celebrity. The day after the first representation of a piece by Labiche, "Un Mari qui Lance sa Femme," in which she had undertaken an important part, she stealthily quitted Paris, addressing to the author a letter in which she begged him to forgive her.

No real gentleman is uncivil. He turned round after this stiff condescension de sa part, and sunk down on the sofa, with his back towards me. "I was mistaken," thought I, "when I believed him to be above such associates as Thornton they are well matched." "My dear Sir," said Thornton, "I am very sorry I could not see you to breakfast a particular engagement prevented me verbum sap. Mr.

We laugh at the solemnity with which Saint Simon announces that SA MAJESTE SE MEDICAMENTE AUJOURD'HUI. Under our very noses the same folly is daily going on. That wonderful and mysterious man, the author of the COURT CIRCULAR, drops in with his budget at the newspaper offices every night. I once asked the editor of a paper to allow me to lie in wait and see him.

The most extraordinary instance of this is his explanation of the celebrated phrase in the Chândogya Upanishad Sa âtmâ tat tvam asi. He reads Sa âtmâ atat tvam asi and considers that it means "You are not that God. Why be so conceited as to suppose that you are?" Monotheistic texts have often received a mystical and pantheistic interpretation.

Now, attend to me. You are suspected of that business in the Via della Gatta." Castracane shrugged. "Chi lo sa?" says he. "We shall see about that. Meantime, what have you to urge?" Castracane scratched his head. "What would you have me say, Messere? I am a poor lad. You are many, and I am one." Alessandro turned to his archers. "Bring him down to the hermitage," he said.

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