Anybody could break up a Chi Yi initiation, and the Alfalfa Delts were a set of narrow-chested snobs with automobile callouses instead of muscles. We ate a hasty dinner on Friday evening and set all the scenery for the big scrunch. Then we put on our old clothes and waited for Ole to walk into our parlor.

Chiang Tzu-ya as a reward conferred on them the appanage of the twenty-eight constellations. The five planets, Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars, and Saturn, are also the abodes of stellar divinities, called the White, Green, Black, Red, and Yellow Rulers respectively. Stars good and bad are all likewise inhabited by gods or demons. A Victim of Ta Chi

The Rommany chi And the Rommany chal, Shall jaw tasaulor To drab the bawlor, And dook the gry Of the farming rye. A very pretty song, thought I, falling again hard to work upon my kettle; a very pretty song, which bodes the farmers much good. Let them look to their cattle. "All alone here, brother?" said a voice close by me, in sharp but not disagreeable tones.

The chief picked up the bag of tea and made a gesture of inquiry of Rob. "Chi?" he asked. Rob shook his head, and made a motion signifying that they had but very little. The chief poured out in his hands what must have represented to him considerable value in tea. "Now ask him for salt, John," said Rob. This was too much for John's knowledge of the Aleut language.

Chi Fu, who certainly had a good head on his shoulders and could use it to some purpose when he forgot his affectation, suggested also that in case of an extra courier being sent from the mission, or the arrival of a missionary, Nelly had better write a letter to her parents, which he could enclose.

'Nor the next day, said I, 'only to take a stroll to see if I can sell a kettle; good-bye, little sister, Rommany sister, dingy sister. 'Good-bye, tall brother, said the girl, as she departed, singing 'The Rommany chi, etc. 'There's something about that girl that I don't understand, said I to myself; 'something mysterious.

Dey follows the crwth when a Romany Chi plays it as I nows very wel, but de chavi wot play on the crwth, shee must love the living mullo she want for to come, and de living mullo must love her. And then followed my father's comments on the extract. 'N.B. To see and hear a crwth, if possible, and ascertain the true nature of the vibrations.

Gently removing the work piece from its mounting, he turned to the open double bulkhead that served as an air lock in emergencies and that separated his shop from the physics lab beyond, where Dr. Y. Chi Tung, popularly known as Ishie, was busy over a haywire rig, Chief Engineer Mike Blackhawk and Tombu beside him. Reverently, Dr. Chi took the part from Paul's hands.

'What do you mean by Three in the Morning? asked Tse Yu. 'A keeper of monkeys, Tse Chi replied, 'said with regard to their daily ration of chestnuts that each monkey should have three in the morning and four at night. At this the monkeys were very angry; so he said that they might have four in the morning and three at night; whereat they were well pleased.

Absolutely nothing that would give any one a clue to the fact that there is a method of acceleration aboard. Understood?" "Ye-es, Mah-ike." Mike switched off the vocoder, flipped his intercom to the temporary galley in the morgue, and ordered two breakfasts readied. Then he set off for the morgue. Mike Blackhawk located Dr. Y. Chi Tung's hammock, and nudged the scientist unceremoniously.