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A STUDY OF SEXUAL TENDENCIES IN MONKEYS AND BABOONS. By G. V. Hamilton. Journal of Animal Behavior, September-October, 1914, vol. 4, No. 5, pp. 295-318. The writer asserts that the work and problems in sexuality in human beings place upon the animal behaviorist an obligation to lay the necessary foundations for a scientific and thoroughly comprehensive investigation of sexual life.

The girls' faces, too, indicative of astonishment and dismay, amused me excessively. "Well, those are thieves," cried Dick Tarbox. "It is the first time, I have a notion, they have ever seen a human face, and I suppose they take us to be big apes or monkeys like themselves."

If the dense jungle had not prevented, they might have sailed inland, they knew not how many miles. As the stream became narrower the current increased in force. The trees were full of monkeys, and hundreds of them appeared to be in sight all the time. They were of the most common kind to be found in Borneo, and the yacht created no excitement among them.

For a considerable way the water is almost hid by a profusion of marine plants, but these gradually disappear, and the boughs of beautiful trees hang over the banks, and screen the travellers from the sun's rays. A number of aquatic birds resort to this place; and the ear is absolutely stunned with the noise of parrots and monkeys. They landed, and walked on to Wow, which is an extensive town.

It was one of those indescribably beautiful spots that one so often encounters in the tropical wilds, and which it is impossible to paint in words. A troop of monkeys were disporting themselves on a tree overhanging the river.

Bernard: "What is the use," he asks, "of those absurd monstrosities displayed in the cloisters before the reading monks?... Why are unclean monkeys and savage lions, and monstrous centaurs and semi-men, and spotted tigers, and fighting soldiers, and pipe-playing hunters, represented?" Then St.

On the 27th we passed two of our old encampments, and halted after a journey of 16 miles in the close vicinity of a tribe of natives, about fifty in number, the majority of whom were boys as mischievous as monkeys, and as great thieves too, but we reduced them to some kind of order by a little patience.

You can form no idea of the fertility of the island, or of the beauty of the trees and shrubs we met with at every step, quite unknown to me; some were covered with fragrant flowers, others with tempting fruits; which, however, we did not venture to taste, as we had not Knips to try them." "Did you see any monkeys?" asked Ernest.

"It is a torrent there." "Oh, no!" answered the Frenchman; "monkeys would rather go into fire than water. If they cannot leap the stream, they'll bridge it." "Bridge it! and how?" "Stop a moment, Captain; you shall see." The half-human voices now sounded nearer, and we could perceive that the animals were approaching the spot where we lay.

But the monkeys some afflicted with big stomachs, others astonished to show their bones Madame Marmet looked at them with reluctant admiration. She contemplated them like there is a beautiful French word that escapes me like the monuments and the trophies of Monsieur Marmet." Madame Martin smiled. But she was restless. She thought the sky dull, the streets ugly, the passers-by common.

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