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"Of course he did," said Bernard. "Yes," she assented. "He couldn't help himself then. But he ought to have told me afterwards when when I began to have that horrible suspicion that everyone else had, that he had murdered Ralph Dacre." "A difficult point," said Sir Reginald. "I told him he was making a mistake," said Bernard. Stella glanced down at him. "It was a mistake," she said.

More than 12,000 men remained dead upon the field of battle; 80 field pieces, about 4,000 waggons, and 300 standards and colours fell into the hands of the Imperialists. Horn himself, with three other generals, were taken prisoners. Duke Bernard with difficulty saved a feeble remnant of his army, which joined him at Frankfort.

"I could not well avoid it; if I were tried again, I might repeat the sin; but, thank Heaven, two such trials never come into a single life. I sometimes wish Bernard were not at sea, that he were here to know my release and his forgiveness; it will be so sweet to feel that no longer I have the sin to bear of concealing his wrong." I knew from this that Miss Axtell did not know of Mr.

To Bernard Barton, of a person of repute: "There must be something in him. Such great names imply greatness. Which of us has seen Michael Angelo's things? yet which of us disbelieves his greatness?" To Mrs. H., of a person eccentric: "Why does not his guardian angel look to him? He deserves one may be he has tired him out." "Charles," said Coleridge to Lamb, "I think you have heard me preach?"

"'We are not far from the house now, she said, 'and before we get there I want to set your mind at rest by telling you that if you should die before your husband, and if nothing should happen at any time or in any way to interfere with such a plan, I will marry your Bernard and take good care of him. I have never made such a positive promise to any one, but I do not mind making it to you.

Let us be careful how we speak of these ages as "dark"; at least there were "retrievements out of the night." Already before the tenth century the basilica of St. Germain des Prés was known as St. Bernard as we have seen, declaimed against the resplendent colour and gold in the churches of his time.

When accused of impertinence towards the greatest of the Elizabethans, Bernard Shaw had said, "Shakespeare is a much taller man than I, but I stand on his shoulders" an epigram which sums up this doctrine with characteristic neatness. But Shaw fell off Shakespeare's shoulders with a crash.

"What a singular expression!" She was blushing as she had blushed when she first saw him at Blanquais. She seemed to Bernard now to have a great and peculiar brightness something she had never had before. "I certainly have been looking for you," he said. "I was greatly disappointed when I found you had taken flight from Blanquais." "Taken flight?"

"We must make much of this evening," said Beatrice. "And spend it as though it was our last together; for life's conditions are so uncertain," remarked Basil, in that far-off tone, in which he often spoke. "We may have many experiences before another meeting, yet I hope we shall come together again soon." "How shall we spend our evening?" said Miss Bernard to her brother, yet looking at Dawn.

To the German hero, Bernard, Duke of Weimar, was intrusted the command of the German cavalry of the left wing; while, on the right, the king led on the Swedes in person, in order to excite the emulation of the two nations to a noble competition. The second line was formed in the same manner; and behind these was placed the reserve, commanded by Henderson, a Scotchman.