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In good years, when the harvest rose to 350,000 arrobas of leaves, 128,000 arrobas were prepared for the Peninsula, 80,000 for the Havannah, 9200 for Peru, 6000 for Panama, 3000 for Buenos Ayres, 2240 for Mexico, and 1000 for Caracas and Campeachy.

By this timely concentration Napoleon raised his forces to a total of at least 73,000 men, while the enemy founded their plan on the assumption that Napoleon had less than 50,000, and would scarcely resist the onset of superior forces. Their plan was rash, even for an army which numbered about 80,000 men.

Cleveland was laid out for a fine city, so that as she grew little alteration was found necessary. The streets are wide, 80 to 120 feet Superior Street 132 feet and so abundant is the foliage, largely maple, that it is called the Forest city.

It was hoped to cover every polling space with women watchers and probably about 80 per cent. of the total number of election districts of the State were so covered. A total of 6,330 women served, many being on duty from 5 a. m. till midnight. On election night all over the State suffrage headquarters were open and victory seemed in the air.

Philadelphia 8 " " 48,884,41 " 6,110 55 Boston 7 " " 70,388.16 " 10,055.45 Providence 1 " " 6,525.54 " 6,525.54 Baltimore 4 " " 32,101.83 " 8,000.47 Washington 2 " " 15,385 60 " 7,692.80 Richmond 1 " " 12,385.21 " 12,385.21 Charleston 2 " " 10,428.75 " 5,214.37 Havana 3 " " 10,436.04 " 3478.68 New Orleans l2 " " 87,646.12 " 7,303.84 Natchez 1 " " 5,000.00 " 5,000.00 Memphis 1 " " 4,539.56 " 4,539.56 St.

Sunday, 16th. Winds at South and South-South-East. A Gentle Breeze, with some few showers of rain. At 6 p.m. the Island of Huaheine West 1/2 South, distant 7 or 8 leagues. At 8 a.m., being close in with the North-West part of the Island, sounded, but had no ground with 80 fathoms.

"If I got much richer too fast I'd wind up with a soft burn in the belly from a disgruntled customer. Look here, boy: how long would you go back to that casino if one player took 80% of the pots, and a hundred people competed with you for the 20% he left over? You'd win maybe once a month, if you played full time every day. In a short time you'd be broke, unless you quit playing first.

Thus, by means of two machines at a moderate distance apart, nearly 80 per cent, of the power imparted to one machine could be again yielded in the mechanical form by the second, leaving out of consideration frictional losses, which latter need not be great, considering that a dynamo machine had only one moving part well balanced, and was acted upon along its entire circumference by propelling force.

The best, of 80 pounds a year, to Christchurch, Oxford. WELLINGTON stands at the base of the Wrekin, is the centre of the Shropshireman's toast and the chief town of the coal and iron district, and is the point where the line from Wolverhampton makes a junction, affording the nearest road from Birmingham to Shrewsbury.

Nate and her 've bin keepin' company and courtin' ever sense they wuz weaned, an' bin pesterin' the life out o' me for years t' let 'em git jined. Sooner hit's done the better. As I wuz sayin', we'uns give 80,000 majority in Tennessee agin Secession, but ole Isham Harris" etc. "I'll speak to the Adjutant about it," said Si, when Nate came back glowing with gladness.