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"And is it then true," said Edith, "that you have been so desperately rash as to entertain communication with any of those cruel wretches who assassinated the primate?" "I knew not even that such a crime had been committed," replied Morton, "when I gave unhappily a night's lodging and concealment to one of those rash and cruel men, the ancient friend and comrade of my father.

The emperor was deeply affected by his own reproaches, and by those of his spiritual father; and after he had bewailed the mischievous and irreparable consequences of his rash fury, he proceeded, in the accustomed manner, to perform his devotions in the great church of Milan.

They talked in low tones again, but soon got louder, and presently I knew that they were speaking of La Jongleuse; and Bamboir the fat Bamboir, who the surgeon had said would some day die of apoplexy was rash enough to say that he had seen her.

The advocates of Impeachment were denounced as rash, hot-headed, sensational, bent on leading the party into an indefensible position; while its opponents were spoken of as faint-hearted, as truckling to the Administration, as afraid to strike the one blow imperatively demanded for the safety of the Republic.

"Hasty births, premature births, secret births, morganatic births, illegitimate births, and every variety of infelicitous intrusion upon your planet. The rash are born too early, the cautious too late; some even repent on the very brink of birth and elect to be stillborn.

After excessive indecision, you will see him start perhaps at once to rash action." "Rash of wrong, resolute of right," said Lord Davenant. "He is constitutionally wilful, and metaphysically vacillating," said Lady Davenant.

It is always prompt to hope that the expression of it's feelings, if any way adequate, cannot but produce the effect it wishes; and I wrote the following song, or love-elegy, or what thou wilt. Rash hope avaunt! Be still my flutt'ring heart; Nor breathe a sorrow, nor a sigh impart; Appease each bursting throb, each pang reprove; To suffer dare But do not dare to love!

The first to succeed to William Douglas was his uncle, a man of no particular account, who kept matters quiet enough for a few years; but when his son, another William, succeeded, the Regents soon became aware that an implacable and powerful enemy, the avenger of his two young kinsmen, but an avenger who showed no rash eagerness and could await time and opportunity, was in their way.

But she threw all the discouraging weight of a passive resistance and dumb protest into the scale. At last May, in the innocence of her heart, took a rash step.

Pearce gave a shrill whistle, which caused Jack to return to his side, wondering what had happened. His surprise may be imagined when he saw a squad of armed men drawn up in front of them! "They are Government soldiers in search of the fugitive," whispered Mr. Pearce. "Don't do anything rash if you value your life. Let me speak to them."