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Bradley!" the clerk exclaimed, as soon as he caught sight of Mrs. Morton. "I'm so glad you have come. Your daughter has had an an accident!" Mrs. Morton paid scant attention to his words. She, too, had seen through the doorway the figure of her daughter lying in the bed. With a cry, she passed the clerk unnoticing, and went toward the bedroom door.

For Clara, his wife, had that energy of aspiration which before now has raised women to positions of importance in the counties which are not their own, and caused, incidentally, many acres to go out of cultivation. Not one plough was used on the whole of Becket, not even a Morton plough these indeed were unsuitable to English soil and were all sent abroad.

"Is it not," said Lady Margaret, "a blessed escape which we have made, out of the hands of so desperate and bloodthirsty a fanatic?" "You are deceived, madam," said Lord Evandale; "Mr Morton merits such a title from no one, but least from us.

"Under that of Colonel Grahame of Claverhouse, I am given to understand," said Morton; "one of the military commission, to whom it has pleased our king, our privy council, and our parliament, that used to be more tenacious of our liberties, to commit the sole charge of our goods and of our lives." "To Claverhouse?" said Edith, faintly; "merciful Heaven, you are lost ere you are tried!

The pride of the haughty had been laid low, and retribution, long deferred, had come at last. Numerous and hearty were the congratulations which Mr. Morton I mean Mr. Waring received upon his new accession of property. "I do not care so much for that," he said, "but my father's word has been vindicated. My mind is now at peace." There was more than one happy heart at the farm that night. Mr.

Morton led her to the seat next her friend, and would have retired, though most unwilling so to do, when Glover caught him by the arm, exclaiming, "Mr Morton, allow me to introduce you to my cousin, Mrs Edmonstone she wishes to make your acquaintance; she knows that if it had not been for you, I should have been food for the sharks long ago."

"What!" exclaimed Morton, "it was you that sat in your red cloak by the high-road, and told him there was a lion in the path?" "In the name of Heaven! wha are ye?" said the old woman, breaking off her narrative in astonishment. "But be wha ye may," she continued, resuming it with tranquillity, "ye can ken naething waur o' me than that I hae been willing to save the life o' friend and foe."

"It is a matter of surprise to me, Miss Morton, that you could have the temerity to come here to Old Point Comfort, knowing it to be a military post," she continued. Madge started slightly. The movement of her body was scarcely perceptible, yet Flora saw it.

"And of your friends," replied Morton; "wherefore I trust for your instant order annulling the election of this lurdane Abbot, Edward Glendinning." "You shall be presently satisfied." said the Regent; and stepping forward, he began to call, "So ho, Hyndman!" when suddenly his eye lighted on Roland Graeme "By my faith, Douglas," said he, turning to his friend, "here have been three at counsel!"

'You must excuse him this time, Best, said Miss Morton; 'he is a town-bred boy, and knows no better, and you had better not worry his Lordship about it. 'Very well, Miss Morton, if it is your pleasure, but them pheasants are my province, and I must do my dooty. 'Of course, quite right, Best, she answered; 'but my cousin here did not understand, and you must make allowance for him.

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