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Birds of Paradise have no legs, they say. 'They need them not, my lord. Once alighted, they fly no more. 'How is it then they alight so seldom? 'Because men shoo them away. One flew now from my heart to seek my lady's, but your lordship frighted it. 'And so it flew back to Paradise eh, mistress Dorothy? said lord Herbert, smiling archly.

Why should you force his lordship to pay a compliment contrary to his better judgment, or extort a smile from him under false pretences? I am sure he sees that you, and I trust he perceives that I, do not think the worse of him for this."

Lord Lambeth declared that he hated Drawing Rooms, but he participated in the ceremony on the day on which the two ladies at Jones's Hotel repaired to Buckingham Palace in a remarkable coach which his lordship had sent to fetch them.

No man of Irish blood, knowing what his race has endured and still endures from the English, can keep his self-respect and back the scheme." Arthur was sorry for his lordship, who sat utterly astounded and cast down wofully at this expression of feeling from such a man. "The main question can be answered in this way," Birmingham continued.

Come and dine with me on Monday. And what do you think the idiot did? Backed out of it, and wouldn't go, because he thought his lordship condescending, and he didn't want his patronage. But his lordship's not a bit like that, you know." "Then if he isn't, he'll like Harry all the better for declining, and will probably send him a proper invitation."

I labour hard; and feel myself coming forward, and I hope to be useful to my country. Could your Lordship find time to honour me now and then with a letter? I have been told how favourably your Lordship has spoken of me.

"Dead!" and his voice fell, and he stood a moment and watched the driving rain, full of strange thoughts. "'Tis happier for her, surely," he said. "I one cannot feel sorrow for her. How did she die, my lord?" "As woefully and as neglected as she lived," his lordship answered. "She had given birth to another female infant, and 'twas plain the poor thing knew her last hour had come.

"You seem very happily situated here," said his lordship, sweeping the shady dingle with his keen gaze. "Why, as to that, sir my lord," said Jeremy with unwonted diffidence, "I fear we'm a-trespassing on your land, but my friend Todd Jessamy assured me " "Rest assured, friend Jarvis! None of my keepers shall disturb you " "Peregrine O Jerry, dinner!

I was ordered down into the cabin, for it was too cold for the captain to show his face on deck. I found his lordship sitting before a good fire, with his toes in the grate; a decanter of Madeira stood on the table, with a wine-glass, and most fortunately, though not intended for my use, a large rummer.

"I wished," returned Baroni respectfully, but with sufficient independence to conciliate his auditor, whom he saw at a glance cringing subservience would disgust, "to have the opportunity of asking your lordship a very simple question." The Seraph looked a little bored, a little amused. "Well, ask it, my good fellow; you have your opportunity!" he said impatiently, yet good-humored still.