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"I mean that part of us which cannot perish because it is part of God Himself. I mean that part of us whereby, in spite of this fleshly body, we may rise above fleshly desires and gain some perception of the Infinite Truth which is God. Do you understand, Diana?" "No, I'm afraid I don't," she answered wistfully, "but you won't lose patience wi' me, Peregrine?" "Never, Diana.

One year she had owned of married joy, and then all the happiness of the family had been utterly destroyed, and for the few following years there had been no sadder household in all the country-side than that of Sir Peregrine Orme.

The chief fault in the character of young Peregrine Orme was that he was so young.

Indeed, her uneasiness on that guano matter had been so outweighed by worse uneasiness from another source, that she had become, if not indifferent, at any rate tranquil on the subject. It might be well that Sir Peregrine should preach his sermon, and well that Lucius should hear it; but for herself it would, she thought, have been more comfortable for her to eat her dinner alone.

The old knight looked up as a fresh gust of wind with a dash of rain beat against the window behind him. "By Saint Hubert, it is a wild night!" said he. "I had hoped to-morrow to have a flight at a heron of the pool or a mallard in the brook. How fares it with little Katherine the peregrine, Mary?"

His lordship also began to be less accessible than usual; and Peregrine had been obliged to dun the steward with repeated demands, before he could finger the last quarter of his interest.

"Well, I sold every one o' my baskets and earned fifty-six shillings. How much money did you spend, Peregrine?" "I'm not sure, but about twenty-seven pounds, I fancy." "Pounds?" she cried so suddenly that Diogenes pricked his ears. "For them noo duds " "Horrible!" I exclaimed. "It is!" said she. "It's wicked robbery "

With this son of fortune was Peregrine one evening engaged at play, and so successful, that he could not help informing his friend of his good luck.

And there was more yet of what we call mischief brewing in another quarter to like hurt. Mr. Peregrine Palmer was not now so rich a man as when he bought his highland property; also he was involved in affairs of doubtful result. It was natural, therefore, that he should begin to think of the said property not merely as an ornament of life, but as something to fall back upon.

"Peregrine," said he, shaking grave head at me, "your aunt Julia is right a wonderful woman! Poetry is your line, after all books romances, lad imagination " "You think I am romancing, sir?" "Aye, though I call it 'gammoning." "Sir, you affront me!" "No offence, Perry," said he kindly. "You just can't help it comes natural to you like a gamecock fights. What other marvels have you seen?"

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