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A movement had begun in opposition to the danger of liberalism which was threatening the religion of the nation. Mr. Keble, Hurrell Froude, Mr. William Palmer, Mr. Arthur Purceval, Mr. Hugh Rose, and other zealous, and able men had united their counsels. I had the exultation of health restored, a joyous energy which I never had before or since.

Hann was lucky in not having his party attacked by sickness during his detention in such a dangerous locality; they all returned in safety. The gold discoveries on the Palmer, and the rush there which occurred soon after this expedition, led to a vast deal of exploration being done under the name of prospecting.

Beaumont for her compliment, "I should like to know whether time appears to pass more slowly to those that hope, or those that fear?" Mrs. Beaumont handed coffee to Mr. Palmer, without attempting to answer this question. "To those that hope, I should think," said Mr. Palmer; "for hope long deferred maketh the heart sick; and time, I can answer for it, passes most slowly to those who are sick."

"I am sorry to waken you, Sidney, but I don't know what to do." "Are you ill?" "No. Palmer has not come home." "What time is it?" "After three o'clock." Sidney had lighted the gas and was throwing on her dressing-gown. "When he went out did he say " "He said nothing. We had been quarreling. Sidney, I am going home in the morning." "You don't mean that, do you?" "Don't I look as if I mean it?

"Wall, she did drive the nail in straight, and she clinched it solid with the golden words of her address." Yes, Mrs. Palmer has stood up on a high mount durin' the hard years past since the Fair wuz thought on. She has stood up so high that she could see things hid from them on the ground.

So be not angry, dear Rolf, if I determine to go and look that strange palmer in the face." And he shut the door of the chamber behind him, and with firm and echoing steps proceeded to the hall.

Mr. Palmer had a certain connection, as it may be called, in the Establishment, consisting of high Church dignitaries, archdeacons, London rectors, and the like, who belonged to what was commonly called the high-and-dry school. They were far more opposed than even he was to the irresponsible action of individuals.

There was a scurry and a confused bungle as each tried to get what was wanted, while Palmer Billy stood by, trying to light his pipe, and muttering uncomplimentary sentences against all of them. Peters had with him a rough-and-ready apparatus for testing any mineral encountered.

The first expense is heavy. I have spent about £1,000 already, sinking some of my private money in the fencing, building, &c., but very soon the cost of all the commissariat, exclusive of the stores for the voyage, and a little English food for the whites, will be provided. Palmer has abundance of sweet potatoes which have been planted in ground prepared by our lads since last October.

Palmer, though very unwilling to go as well from real humanity and good-nature, as from a dislike of appearing to be frightened away by his wife, was persuaded at last by Colonel Brandon to perform his promise of following her; and while he was preparing to go, Colonel Brandon himself, with a much greater exertion, began to talk of going likewise. Here, however, the kindness of Mrs.