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Don't they prevent her from having the free exercise of her Catholic religion, and make her help to support their own Protestant one?" "Well, and don't the Roman Catholics prevent the Protestants from having the free exercise of their religion, whenever they happen to be the most numerous, and don't they make them help to support the Roman Catholic religion?" "Of course they do, and quite right!

It is one thing to say that fetichism is a 'primitive form of religion, and quite another to say that it is 'the very beginning of all religion. Occasionally he attacks the 'Comtian theory, which, I think, is not now held by many people who study the history of man, and which I am not concerned to defend. Mr.

They say people who ought to be ashamed of themselves do that the consciousness of being well dressed imparts a blissfulness to the human heart that religion is powerless to bestow. I am afraid these cynical persons are sometimes correct.

These unused organs were says Professor Joseph Le Conte, in his interesting volume on Religion and Science, New York, 1874, p. 54 regarded as blunders in nature, until it was discovered that use is not the only end of design. "By further patient study of nature," he says, "came the recognition of another law beside use, a law of order underlying and conditioning the law of use.

Sutherland wanted her son to have sufficient religion to keep him from going wrong and doing anything disgraceful, she certainly did not want him to have so much that it would interfere with his getting on in the world. And Mr. Sinclair seemed to have no notion that getting on in the world mattered at all.

The Stadholder warmly repudiated Leicestrian designs, and declared that he had been always influenced by a desire to serve his country and maintain the Reformed religion. If he had made mistakes, he desired to be permitted to improve in the future. Thus having spoken, the soldier retired from the Assembly with the state council at his heels.

The mastery it has obtained over them is shown by the whole tone of their minds and the whole bearing of their life. If sincerity and enthusiasm be the essential requisites in religion, the inhabitants of this city have all they need, for these qualities are possessed by them in a high degree.

Religions had endeavoured to establish it, but religion had been shipwrecked and was moribund, and only science could enforce it in the future. They must stop on the way they were going, as humanity was marching on the road to perdition, therefore it was necessary to return to the point of departure.

If you want to form an opinion on religion, you should always bear in mind the character of the great multitude for which it is destined, and form a picture to yourself of its complete inferiority, moral and intellectual.

But if religion, as now understood among men, be the latest evolutionary form of a series of mistakes, fallacies, and illusions, if its germ be a blunder, and its present form only the result of progressive but unessential refinements on that blunder, the inference that religion is untrue that nothing actual corresponds to its hypothesis is very easily drawn.