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"No," answered Beaufoy, after a moment's consideration; "and if I thought it mattered one way or the other, you would get no answer from me. I am from the north, and a stranger both in Valmy and Amboise." "'Arrest Monsieur Stephen La Mothe and bring him to Valmy without delay. It follows that you do not know this Stephen La Mothe nor he you?" "No," repeated Beaufoy. "Nor his offence?"

What mattered the debauchery, the perversion arising from excess of wealth and power, the luxuriousness and dissoluteness of life, since it seemed a proven fact that the capitals that had been queens of the world had never reigned without extreme civilisation, a cult of beauty and of pleasure!

Little understanding the sources of her own greatness, Athens would go to war: peace is the interest of a seat of commerce and the arts; but to war she went; yet to her, whether peace or war, it mattered not. The political power of Athens waned and disappeared; kingdoms rose and fell; centuries rolled away, they did but bring fresh triumphs to the city of the poet and the sage.

Andrew knows he isn't an idiot and to him we can make light of it now. What does anybody's birth matter, who's well off! It was impossible for Harriet to take that view. The shop, if not the thing, might still have been concealed from her husband, she thought. 'It mattered to me when I was well off, she said, sternly.

"Were there so many?" laughed Anne. "Heaps. The boys like me awfully they really do. But there were only two that mattered. The rest were all too young and too poor. I must marry a rich man, you know." "Why must you?" "Honey, you couldn't imagine ME being a poor man's wife, could you? I can't do a single useful thing, and I am VERY extravagant. Oh, no, my husband must have heaps of money.

There were no audible sobs, neither sighing. Bird and beast were stilled, as if the end had come, and nothing more mattered. Then, in a little while, the tenseness relaxed, and everything went on as before, though much subdued. The righteous in the Paradise of God quietly gathered themselves together in their usual places of worship.

The corridors hummed with it, and even under-servants were to be seen discussing the thing, just as though it mattered to them. 'Have a cigar, Mr Racksole, said the urbane Mr Babylon, 'and a mouthful of the oldest cognac in all Europe. In a few minutes these two were talking eagerly, rapidly. Felix Babylon was astonished at Racksole's capacity for absorbing the details of hotel management.

"That's all right!" I thought to myself. "I'll have that silk-stocking of a fellow lick the dust of my shoes." I now took special measures to guard my secret even from Reb Sender. I was lying right and left. Satan chuckled in my face, but I did not care. I promised myself to settle my accounts with the Uppermost later on. The only thing that mattered now was to beat the Pole

As for boots, for his lower extremities were not wholly destitute of protection, they might have come down to him as an heir-loom from a pauper of a preceding generation. But what mattered it to him that his clothes were threadbare, many-hued, and grotesque? or that his boots let the deep, rich soil in at sides and toes?

"How could it make so much difference when I can barely remember it?" she asked; and it seemed to her at the instant that nothing that could happen in one's existence really mattered, since big and little were all equal, and the memory of an emotion faded sooner than the memory of a gesture.

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