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Grail romances probably contain record of secret ritual of a Fertility cult. The Symbols of the cult Cup, Lance, Sword, Stone, or Dish. Plea for treating Symbols as a related group not as isolated units. Failure to do so probably cause of unsatisfactory result of long research. Essential to recognize Grail story as an original whole and to treat it in its ensemble aspect.

Let us hear your gruesome prophecy, my dear Saton, and if it comes true, we will form a little society, and you shall be our apostle. We will study occultism in place of bridge. We will be the founders of a new cult." Saton pushed them away from him. His face was almost ghastly. "It is not fair, this," he cried. "You do not know what you are asking.

When we turn to the Dolmen-builders, and contemplate their hoary sanctuaries, we are back among the problems raised by the philosophic conception of progress as an advance in soul-power. Is any religion better than none? Does it make for soul-power to be preoccupied with the cult of the dead?

Here then, again, we have a ritual Sword Dance closely associated with the practice of a Nature cult; there can, I think, be no doubt that ab initio the two were connected with each other.

No inscriptions nor ancient references testify to the worship of Râma before our era and in the subsequent centuries two phases can be distinguished. First, Râma is a great hero, an incarnation of Vishṇu for a particular purpose and analogous to the Vâmana or any other avatâra: deserving as such of all respect but still not the object of any special cult.

Until the seventeenth century Jizō was worshipped principally by soldiers and priests, but subsequently his cult spread among all classes and in all districts.

While it was not in accord with the dignity attaching to Marduk that his cult should be established outside of the precincts of the city of Babylon, it would only add to his glory to have the worship of other deities grouped around his own sanctuary.

It is tempting, also, to connect the Asclepian snake cult with the prominence of the serpent in Minoan religion. The earliest medical school of which we have definite information is that of Cnidus, a Lacedaemonian colony in Asiatic Doris.

Sacrifices with libations are so frequently represented on the seal cylinder that this testimony alone would suffice to vouch for the importance attached to this rite in the cult. One of the most archaic specimens of Babylonian art represents a worshipper, entirely naked, pouring a libation into a large cup which stands on an altar.

Through the influence of the schools attached to the Marduk cult at Babylon, the New Year's Festival the character of which we will have occasion to explain later on came to be regarded as the season most appropriate for approaching the oracular chamber.

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