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Then at last she spoke of your knowing about the idea of the Endowment." I turned this over. "Why on earth does she want to see me?" "To talk with you, naturally, about Mr. Saltram." "As a subject for the prize?" This was hugely obvious, and I presently returned: "I think I'll sail to-morrow for Australia." "Well then sail!" said Mrs. Mulville, getting up. But I frivolously, continued.

This supposition does not necessarily impugn the motives of such Congressional representatives, nor is it so intended. We are all sensible of the bias to which the strongest minds and purest hearts are, under such circumstances, liable.

It is admitted that since a phrase, of however doubtful authority, does make an exception in favour of divorce for adultery, the Church can recognize a law in this sense. But if we are to be literalists, it seems that a lustful wish is adultery! Is this to be a cause for divorce? And if not, why not?

"But, Eliza, Annette is company for me and she does help about the house." "I don't think much of her help; always when I come home she has a book stuck under her nose." "Annette," said Mrs. Lasette, "is a favorite of mine; I have always a warm place in my heart for her, and I really want to see the child do well.

Andrea asked me especially to bring him, and if we do not go soon," she added, consulting a little jeweled watch upon her wrist, "we shall be late. Andrea does not like to be kept waiting." "I was hoping," Mr. Weatherley remarked, with an unwieldy attempt at jocularity, "that I might be asked out to luncheon myself." "Another day, my dear husband," she promised carelessly.

The heaven and the heaven of heavens could not contain Him if He wanted a place to be in, as, glory be to His name, He does not. If He is near us or far from us, it is not that He is near or far from our bodies, as the Queen might be nearer to us in London than in Scotland, which is most people's notion of God's nearness.

He 'phoned to me that he might be a little late." "Yes, he's here," answered Russ. "The last I saw of him he was looking in a mirror, arranging his necktie." "Humph! He's too fond of dress," commented the manager, "but he does well in certain society parts, and that's why I keep him." The confusion of the passengers and late freight coming aboard gradually grew less.

"Well, Elfonzo," said the Colonel, "how does the world use you in your efforts?" "I have no objection to the world," said Elfonzo, "but the people are rather singular in some of their opinions."

"Then you must make it. But where there is no ought, I think it wrong to bind yourself. What right have you, when you don't know what may be wanted of you, to tie your own hands and feet? There may come an earthquake or a fire!" "Does friendship demand nothing? You are our guest!" It was not in lying only that lady Ann was not a lady. "One's friends may have conflicting interests!" said Barbara.

Anything she may have said was provisional, simply provisional, until I, myself, had made inquiries. I regret to say now that what I have learnt about you is greatly to your discredit, terribly so. I have had a letter from your sister, Mrs. Fenton." Jimmy was pale already, and he went, if possible, a shade paler, with anger; but he spoke very calmly. "Yes, and what does Ida say about me?