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"And I found him an over-apt pupil," grumbled the bowman. "He hath stripped me as though I had fallen into the hands of the tardvenus. But, by my hilt! you must render them back to me, camarade, lest you bring discredit upon my mission, and I will pay you for them at armorers' prices." "Take them back, man, and never heed the pay," said John.

The result is that where unity should have been established, segregation has been the rule, and it is without any desire to reflect discredit upon the ideal of the Church that we point to the fact that woman's emancipation, and her co-operation in all departments of life, as a hope, if not a consummated reality, has but now made its initial bow to the world.

But I propose to understand something more about this and I'll not disgrace you nor your grandson!" "Go ask some questions!" he called after her. He felt sure that gossip would confirm him. But to make sure that Harlan did not follow her and find her and discredit gossip he turned back down the corridor purposing to keep that belligerent young man under watch and ward for a time.

But to this day the representative Christian churches still make marriage into a mystical sacrament, and, with some exceptions, the Roman communion exacts the sacrifice of celibacy from its priesthood, regardless of the mischievousness and maliciousness that so often ensue. Nearly every Christian church inflicts as much discredit and injustice as it can contrive upon the illegitimate child.

"Thou 'rt right, Priscilla, and I have done sore discredit thus far to the honorable master on whose errand I come. Captain Standish, as no doubt thou knowest, spake with thy father before he died of a marriage in time to come between him and thee" "Nay, I knew it not, nor am bound by any such speech," interposed Priscilla hastily; but Alden continued unmoved,

"Well, but you forget that he, had some cause of displeasure against us, in consequence of having neglected his memorial to the Commissioners of Excise." "Yes; but as I said before, how could we with credit involve ourselves in the illegal villany of a smuggler? It is actually a discredit to have such a fellow upon the estate.

This thing was done to throw discredit on me and to stop the life of the Gazette." "That's just what it would mean if the thing had gone through." "It was done by some one who knows the Academy and the fellows," declared Harry. "It was aimed at Jack, principally. We know who does not like him here and it should not be a hard matter to find who is responsible."

Your position is different, for you can write to the papers and deny all that concerns you if you like though I'm sure I don't know why you should care. It's not to your discredit. 'I could not very well deny it, said the Primadonna thoughtfully. Almost before the words had left her lips she was sorry she had spoken. 'Does it happen to be true? asked Lady Maud, with an encouraging smile.

If he had been content to discredit evidence of the witness by an adroit but guarded misuse of the facts he had brought out regarding Crozier's past, to emphasise the fact that he was living under an assumed name and that his bona fides was doubtful, he might have impressed the jury to some slight degree.

To discredit the title of the nobles was to disturb the foundation of the Throne itself, and to affirm that want of virtue constituted a valid reason for depriving the scions of the gods of their inherited functions, was to declare constructively that the descendant of Amaterasu also held his title by right of personal worthiness. That was the Chinese theory.

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