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He had had the start of her by five years, for she had been brought from Poland to marry him, through the good offices of a friend of hers who saw in her little dowry the nucleus of a thriving shop in a thriving port. And from this initial inferiority she never recovered five milestones behind on the road of Anglicization! It was enough to keep down a more assertive personality than poor Hannah's.

Thus I found letters in the same handwriting separated by letters in other handwritings; many are unsigned, or signed only by a single initial; many are undated, or dated only with the day of the week or month. Others are signed 'Virginia B.; one of these is dated, 'Forli, October 15, 1773. There is also a 'Theresa B., who writes from Genoa.

The Credit Mobilier was formed to do the actual building, and with many trials, discouragements, and unforeseen expense, the work was continued to its completion. The initial eastern point had been fixed by the Charter two hundred and forty-seven miles west of Omaha at the hundredth Meridian, branches being contemplated to connect it with the Missouri River.

Indeed, every impulse is, in its initial push, categorical, offering no reasons, simply pressing upon us with its requirements. Hunger and thirst and sex-desire do not say to us, "If you desire to be happy, eat, drink, and gratify your passion"; they call to us with an imperious and immediate demand.

The king, who was laughing, continued to laugh, passed gayly from the two bishops to the two lawyers, and bestowed on these limbs of the law their former names, or nearly so. By the kings command, Maitre Corbeau was permitted to add a tail to his initial letter and to call himself Gorbeau.

Often initial public outrage and political support for action in response to a provocation subsides if a prolonged buildup is necessary in order to prepare to take action. The ability to react faster than an adversary, to assimilate information and act on it effectively, is also an important advantage.

With Pirot on the south and Kniashevatz on the north in the hands of the Bulgarians, the situation of Nish became very precarious. The Serbian Government was now shifted to Kralievo. Down in Macedonia the Second Bulgarian Army, under Todoroff, seemed to have come to an end of its initial success.

The Heidlemanns are building a railroad to it which will parallel mine in places, but the very nature of their enterprise foredooms it to failure." "Indeed? How so?" "My route is the better. By a rigid economy of expenditure, by a careful supervision of detail, I can effect a tremendous saving over their initial cost.

In the three years that Mary had known him, he had grown and was now in the transient stage between office boy and clerk wore garters around his shirt sleeves to keep his cuffs up, feathered his hair in the front, and wore a large black enamel ring with the initial "J" worked out in "diamonds."

The man said we were now on the Feil-Stutz, above the Schwegmatt information which I was glad to get, since it gave us our position to a degree of particularity which we had not been accustomed to for a day or so. We also learned that we were standing at the foot of the Riffelberg proper, and that the initial chapter of our work was completed.

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