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Philip the Fair exacted one hundredth and then one fiftieth of the possessions of clergy and laity alike.

Her bruised knees had healed; the frost had disappeared, her shoes were sharpened, and she could not slip. When the mourners had assembled and ranged themselves around the horse, the Reverend Nicholas Stevens came out with the relatives, the weeping mother and son, with Rotha Stagg, and the "Old Hundredth" was sung.

Abraham, so long united by childless marriage to a beautiful woman whom many coveted, finds himself, in his hundredth year, the husband of two women, the father of two sons; and at this moment his domestic peace is broken. Two women, and two sons by different mothers, cannot possibly agree. The party less favored by law, usage, and opinion must yield.

It's all mixed up with quartz and ought to be milled, by rights, before I even ship it; but since the trucks are going back well, if it turns out the way I calculate it might bring me forty dollars a unit." "A unit!" repeated the Widow, her voice low and measured. "Well, I'd just like to know how much a unit is?" "A hundredth of the standard of measure in this case a ton of ore.

To oppress or to plunder their native land as the absolute satraps of an absolute lord was a more powerful allurement for the avarice and ambition of the great, than in the general assembly of the state to share with the monarch a hundredth part of the supreme power. A large portion, moreover, of the nobility were deeply sunk in poverty and debt.

She was just musing, for the hundredth time, over her father's letter, considering whether or not she should destroy it, lest any unforeseen chance her own death, for instance might bring the awful secret to Christars knowledge. Lyle's entrance startled her, and she hastily thrust the letter within the desk.

In the same way, although it would have been absurd in Willie to rack his brain for some scheme by which to restore such a grand building as the Priory, he could yet bethink himself that the hundredth room did not come next the first, neither did the third; the one after the first was the second, and he might do something towards the existence of that.

Even if, in the course of Noah's six hundredth year, some prodigious convulsion had sunk the whole region inclosed within "the horizon of the geographical knowledge" of the Israelites by that much, and another had pushed it up again, just in time to catch the ark upon the "mountains of Ararat," matters are not much mended.

Which philosopher or sage of them all has instructed mankind a hundredth part as much as Shakespeare, who supposed himself to be merely providing diversion for the patrons of the Globe Theatre? It follows, if not directly, then a long way about, from what we have been saying, that the real artist is never at a loss for a subject.

Would I do the first crooked thing again if I had my life to live over again, and knew a hundredth part of what I know now? Would I put my hand in the fire out of laziness or greed? or sit still and let a snake sting me, knowing I should be dead in twelve hours? Any man's fool enough to do one that'll do the other.

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