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They started directly, in a little carriage that Lightwood had brought with him from never-to-be-forgotten Greenwich; and from Greenwich they started directly for London; and in London they waited at a railway station until such time as the Reverend Frank Milvey, and Margaretta his wife, with whom Mortimer Lightwood had been already in conference, should come and join them.

You go to church and the doorkeeper gravely says, "Christos vozkress," while he of the cloak-room echoes the sentiment to the impoverishment of one's exchequer. But this seeming mendicancy is not confined to these classes, for even the reverend fathers and brethren walk in the same footsteps unblushingly.

Reverend Fathers, I was about to write to you concerning the accusations which you have so long brought against me, wherein you call me impious, buffoon, rogue, impostor, calumniator, swindler, heretic, disguised Calvinist, one possessed of a legion of devils.

"And you know, too, that Mr. de Ranzan and the Reverend Father Tarin want the chateaux rebuilt, and the woods and meadows and fields given up to the nobles, and in the meantime that the ponds are to be put in good condition, because they belong to the reverend fathers, who have no time to plough or sow or reap. Everything must come to them of itself."

Rodin shrugged his shoulders, stopped him with a gesture and made him a sign to read what he had just written. The reverend father expected to see the ravings of a diseased brain; but he took the note, whilst Rodin commenced another. "My lord," exclaimed Father d'Aigrigny, "read this!"

It remains for us to consider, and to decide upon, the best line to take with Mora in order to safeguard most surely her peace of mind, and permanently to secure her happiness." "I have considered, Reverend Father," said the Knight, simply; "and I have decided." "What have you decided to do, my son?" questioned Symon of Worcester, in his smoothest tones.

At any rate his head remained unturned by his precocious fame, and to meet these other young men and women his reverend seniors on the slopes of Parnassus gave him more pleasure than the receipt of 'royalties'. Not that his publisher afforded him much opportunity of contrasting the two pleasures.

Most Reverend Sir, whose Virtue did incite us, Whose Daughter's Charms did more invite us; We come to grace her with that Honour, That never Mortal yet had done her; Once only, Jove was known in Story, To visit Semele in Glory. But fatal 'twas, he so enjoy'd her, Her own ambitious Flame destroy'd her.

Pleased with my room, I told mine host to prepare for me a good meat dinner; but he answered that during Lent all good Catholics eat nothing but fish. "The Holy Father has granted me permission to eat meat." "Let me see your permission." "He gave it to me by word of mouth." "Reverend sir, I am not obliged to believe you." "You are a fool."

"Look here," he said, "we must move in two bodies on foot, and with all possible silence thou must march to the rear of the old house of iniquity with twenty file of men, and dispose them around it the wisest thou canst. Take the reverend man there along with you. He must be secured at any rate, and may serve as a guide.