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She remained vague and hidden, mysterious and swooning in the far-off mist of the centuries, not to be grasped by vulgar and materialistic minds, accessible only to disordered and volcanic intellects made visionaries by their neuroticism; rebellious to painters of the flesh, to Rubens who disguised her as a butcher's wife of Flanders; a mystery to all the writers who had never succeeded in portraying the disquieting exaltation of this dancer, the refined grandeur of this murderess.

"'Them's the guilty parties, as the actor folks say," sung out Bow Backus. "I think you are right," agreed Mr. Pertell. "But I can't see what object cowboys would have in taking a film and an undeveloped one at that," said Russ. "I can't believe it." "Maybe the International firm bribed them, or maybe one of their men was disguised as a cowboy," suggested Mr. DeVere.

"If he had only been a German prince, or a cannibal king," said Crowl, bitterly, as he plodded towards the Club, "we should have disguised Mile End in bunting and blue fire. But perhaps it's a compliment. He knows his London, and it's no use trying to hide the facts from him. They must have queer notions of cities, those monarchs.

It seemed but probable, from his connexion with the Jacobites, that the Reverend Simon Stirthesoul was one of these disguised plotters. "I gave you a packet of letters from Mr Harwood," observed Pearson, as they were standing in the evening at their inn. "If you look over them, I shall be able to tell you the best route to take in order to call on the persons to whom they are directed.

At their entry Ponocrates met them, who was afraid, seeing them so disguised, and thought they had been some masquers out of their wits, which moved him to inquire of one of the said artless masters of the company what this mummery meant. It was answered him, that they desired to have their bells restored to them.

Then it's fit I should tell you again, and again, and again, that he who is now slaving at the forge, to give me the earnings of his labour; he that lives, and has lived all his days, upon potatoes and salt, and is content; he who has the face and the hands so disguised with the smoke and the black, that yourself asked him t'other day did he ever wash his face since he was born I tell ye, he it is who should live in this castle, and sleep on that soft bed, and be lord of all here he is the true and real Lord Glenthorn, and to the wide world I'll make it known.

My face will be covered. But there's no way you could be disguised. You have a way of walking good night and God bless you!" She was in his arms, straining him to her; and then she slipped out the door. And sure enough, there was the colonel in his chair not fifty feet away with a girl pushing him.

"Jean!" he cried, "Jean Lacheneur!" With a bound the young man was on his feet, pale and menacing; a flame of anger drying the tears in his eyes. "Who are you?" he demanded, in a terrible voice. "What are you doing here? What do you wish with me?" By his peasant dress and by his long beard, the former cure of Sairmeuse was so effectually disguised that he was obliged to tell who he really was.

Petersburg, attired as a girl, Douglas's niece, and acting as the lectrice of the Empress, whom he converted to the French alliance! This is the traditional theory, but is almost certainly erroneous. Sometimes, in his vast MSS., d'Éon declares that he went to Russia disguised in 1755.

The reader will find in the following pages living men and women, whose feelings are in many respects like his own, and whose motives of action are very similar to those of the rest of the world, though far less artfully covered up and disguised under pleasant names. "Envy, hatred and malice, and all uncharitableness," stand out, unblushing, in Indian life.