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So the MSS. For they read ejus here, and amissus est below. Rhenanus omitted ejus, and wrote es for est; and he has been followed in the common editions since. Conditione. By the circumstance, or by virtue of our long absence. T. and his wife had parted with A. four years before his death, and had been absent from Rome ever since, where or why does not appear. Superfuere. Cf. superest, G. 6, note.

My bath-robe, that made me, somehow, feel so aristocratic, so like a member of the leisure class ... I forgot to tell how I had brought it all the way from Kansas, together with my MSS. As I swam about in the brook, not over four feet deep, I sang and shouted. I had never been so happy in my life.... I dried myself in the sun, using its morning heat for a towel....

I owe him much gratitude, and beg of you gentlemen, when you see him, to show him the same regard as I do myself. "But let us pass that over and come to what is your special concern. I thought of you, reverend sir, to transcribe and put into Latin some Greek MSS. of inestimable value.

The longer Greek version of the remaining seven epistles is almost unanimously condemned as grossly interpolated; and the great majority of critics recognise that the shorter Greek version is also much interpolated; whilst the Syriac version, which, so far as MSS. are concerned, is by far the most ancient text of any letters which we possess, reduces their number to three, and their contents to a very small compass indeed.

The study of Syriac was introduced into Europe in the fifteenth century. Valuable collections of MSS., in this language, are to be found in the British Museum, and grammars and dictionaries have been published in Germany and in New York. The Persian language and its Divisions. 2. Zendic Literature; The Zendavesta. 3. Pehlvi and Parsee Literatures. 4. The Ancient Religion of Persia; Zoroaster. 5.

I had not presence of mind to take even my MSS.; and after we were gone the mob came and demolished everything, household goods, library, and apparatus. The letter differs from the Memoir in saying that 'happily no fire could be got. Priestley afterwards heard that 'much pains was taken, but without effect, to get fire from my large electrical machine which stood in the Library.

In this way he obtained the printed Missal of 1481 and a number of Latin MSS. from the College of Würzburg, and other valuable books from monasteries near Mainz and Eberbach in the Duchy of Baden. It appears by Mr. Macray's Annals that his gifts to the University between 1635 and 1640 amounted to about thirteen hundred volumes, in more than twenty languages.

Can you endure that this fair flower, which spreads its perfume through the world, should wither as you hold it in your hands? Naudé spent his own small fortune in ransoming the books on medicine. He had worked hard to persuade Queen Christina to purchase the whole collection; but when it came to the point she only bought a few MSS. which were afterwards returned.

Sir Edward Thompson, in his "Catalogue of Ancient Greek MSS. in the British Museum," calls attention to three in the Harleian collection which appear to him to be of superior merit. These are: The Greek-Latin glossary of the seventh century.

Perez ought to have known that Philip would desert him: his folly was rewarded by prison, torture, and confiscation, which were not more than the man deserved, who betrayed and murdered the servant of Don John of Austria. From these MSS. and other original sources unknown to Mr. This was in late October or early November, 1577.