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By Article XXI of the Covenant and Article CCCCXXXV of the Treaty. I was in possession of a complete copy. Cf. Corriere della Sera, August 24, 1919. In February. Cf. The writer of these pages was the journalist. Le Temps, July 8, 1919. At the close of August, 1916.

If these two men had received any letters, or had written any answers, without her knowledge, the imputation, she said, could never lie on her. * See note Y, at the end of the volume. See note Z, at the end cf the volume.

It usually begins with a slit on the forehead and the pulling down of the skin toward the chin. After the lapse of a certain time the nose is severed from the face. An interval follows, then an ear is lopped off, and so the devilish work goes on with long pauses. The skill of the executioner is displayed in the length of time during which the victim remains conscious. Cf.

Cf. The Life of the Fly: chap. xvi. What were they doing there, all these feverish workers? They were making a clearance of death on behalf of life. Transcendent alchemists, they were transforming that horrible putrescence into a living and inoffensive product.

He would not admit any ideas contrary to his own, and sought to explain these by prejudices which he condemned." Cf. The benefits of the code Napoleon, the publicity of proceedings, the establishment of juries, will form so many distinctive characteristics of your monarchy." His leading object is the suppression of feudalism, that is to say, of the great families and old historic authorities.

The deliverance has made the singer look forward to the end, and his confidence in the issue is confirmed. I. The guiding God: or the picture of the leading. The original is 'lead gently. Cf. Isaiah xl. 11, Psalm xxiii. 2. The emblem of a flock underlies the word. There is not only guidance, but gentle guidance.

In the first version of the Covenant, Article XIX deals with this subject. In the revised version it is Article XXI. Cf. L'Echo de Paris, August 19, 1919. In July, 1919. L'Echo de Paris, August 19, 1919. The armistice concluded with Hungary was grossly violated by the Hungarians and had lost its force. The Rumanians, when occupying the country, demanded a new one, and drafted it.

It is a reflexive pronoun, the objective gen. after conditoris==the founder of themselves, i.e. of their state, cf. odium sui, 33. Experimento. Abl. on trial, not for; i.e. in consequence of being found faithful. In reference to the Ubii, cf. His. 4, 28. XXIX. Virtute sc. bellica. Non multum ex ripa. A small tract on the bank, but chiefly an island in the river. Cf.

Least of all was it written for the mere pastime and amusement of Roman readers. It breathes the spirit at once of the earnest patriot, and the high-toned moralist. Odium sui. Cf. note, 28: conditor. Hatred of themselves; i.e. of one another. So in Greek, the reflexive pronoun is often used for the reciprocal. Quando==since; a subjective reason. Cf. note, His. I, 31; and Z. 346.

These words primarily refer to physical energies, and are exactly counterpart==crushed sustained. Quantum licebat limits vir magnus: as great a man, as it was permitted him to be, restricted as he was in his resources, perhaps by the parsimony of the Emperor. On Julius Frontinus, cf. His books on Stratagems, and on the Aqueducts of Rome are still extant. Super, over and above, i.e. besides.