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It was two hours before sunset when they arrived at the spot at which they intended to pass the night: they landed, and some of the soldiers were employed in setting up the tent on a dry hillock, while others collected logs of wood for the fire. Martin Super brought on shore the bedding, and assisted by Alfred and Henry, placed it in the tent.

"He demands to know whether I'm really the operator at Brewster's, or whether I've broken in on the wire at some other point." "Don't answer the division super any further, then," snorted Black disgustedly. Tom, with his ability to read messages, was enjoying the whole situation until Black, with a sudden flash of his eyes, turned upon the cub chief engineer.

Still, he would have a better chance to live after I had squeezed his neck, than I should have if I did not squeeze it. The priest took out of a silver case a vessel of oil, and a branch. He sprinkled holy water with the branch, upon the bed, the walls, the sacristan and me, repeating, "Asperges me, Domine, hyssopo, et mundabor: lavabis me, et super nivem dealbabor."

For it was largely autobiographical, and was meant to describe the adventures of a young Englishman who had come to grief in the usual manner on a Canadian farm, had then subsequently become bar-keeper, sub-editor on a Methodist magazine, a teacher of French and German to clerks at twenty-five cents per hour, a model for artists, a super on the stage, and, finally, a wanderer to the goldfields.

But now you shall be honoured with treating the Matron like Midwife, and those Men and Women that are your kindest friends and nearest relations; Yea and the God-Fathers and God-Mothers also who will all of them accompany you with courteous discourses and pleasant countenances: They will begin a lusty Bowl or thumping glass, super naculum drink it out, upon the health & prosperity of you, your Bedfellow and young Son; and very heartily wish that you may increase and multiply, at least every year with one new Babe; because that they then might the better come to the Child-bed Feast.

He told a couple of them off to lift a heavy stone from the lower limbs of a man who seemed to be unconscious, and then there came Arthur actually directing them how to raise the wounded super and carry him to where he could be laid under the nearest tree. Stranger still the men did just as they were bidden.

Item accipe paruum quantitatis lapidem Adamantem, qui solet sibi attrahere acum et ferrum, et pone verum diamantem, super adamantem, tuncque si ministraueris adamanti acum, videbis adamantem operari nihil, vero diamante praesente, dum tamen adamas non sit diamante maior.

In the dramatis personae of Redwood Camp he was a simple "super" who had only passive, speechless roles in those fierce dramas that were sometimes unrolled beneath its green-curtained pines.

Social standing in the eyes of the super excellent few of fashion was the Satan of unrighteousness worshipped around her. And the precepts of this worship fell upon soil prepared for it.

Now that’s somethin’. Trunk in a cave ... Sounds like these might belong to one of them mine men—a super, maybe. They pulled out fast in ’61, right after th’ army left. Except for Hodges, an’ th’ Rebs threw him in jail after they took his business an’ what cash he had on hand." "Could be," Topham agreed.

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