As every treason includes within it a misprision of treason, so every felony includes a misprision, or misdemeanor. 1 Hale P. C. 652. 75S. 'Licet fuerit felonia, tamen in eo continetur misprisio. 2 R. 3.10. Both principal and accessary, therefore, may be proceeded against in any case, either for felony, or misprision, at the Common law.

Interim equitum turmae fugere, covinarii peditum se proelio miscuere: et, quanquam recentem terrorem intulerant, densis tamen hostium agminibus et inaequalibus locis haerebant: minimeque equestris ea pugnae facies erat, cum aegre diu stantes simul equorum corporibus impellerentur, ac saepe vagi currus, exterriti sine rectoribus equi, ut quemque formido tulerat, transversos aut obvios incursabant.

Hinc ad decem diates ad Orientem habeatur ciuitas Zadona, in ea Imperator Persarum moratur, et est in eodem imperio ciuitas valde magna Cassach, quae recto itinere dicitur store ab Hierosolymis 55. dietis. Geth ciuitas imperialis, et melior totius Persiae in hac terra noscitur esse, cum tamen Carnaa sit satis maior.

Now by Men Pygmies we are by no means to understand Dwarfs. In all Countries, and in all Ages, there has been now and then observed such Miniture of Mankind, or under-sized Men. Cardan[A] tells us he saw one carried about in a Parrot's Cage, that was but a Cubit high. Nicephorus[B] tells us, that in Theodosius the Emperour's time, there was one in Ægypt that was no bigger than a Partridge; yet what was to be admired, he was very Prudent, had a sweet clear Voice, and a generous Mind; and lived Twenty Years. So likewise a King of Portugal sent to a Duke of Savoy, when he married his Daughter to him, an Æthiopian Dwarf but three Palms high.[C] And Thevenot[D] tells us of the Present made by the King of the Abyssins, to the Grand Seignior, of several little black Slaves out of Nubia, and the Countries near Æthiopia, which being made Eunuchs, were to guard the Ladies of the Seraglio. And a great many such like Relations there are. But these being only Dwarfs, they must not be esteemed the Pygmies we are enquiring about, which are represented as a Nation, and the whole Race of them to be of the like stature. Dari tamen integras Pumilionum Gentes, tam falsum est, qu

"Facies, non omnibus una, Nec diversa tamen, qualem decet esse sororum."

So Plutarch de Amore Prolis says: the childless are entertained by the rich, courted by the powerful, defended gratuitously by the eloquent: many, who had friends and honors in abundance, have been stripped of both by the birth of a single child. XXI. Necesse est. It is their duty and the law of custom. Guen. Nec==non tamen. Homicidium. A post-Augustan word. Armentorum ac pecorum.

But if this is carried too far, and a man tries to take on a character which is not natural or innate in him, but it artificially acquired and evolved merely by a process of reasoning, he will very soon discover that Nature cannot be forced, and that if you drive it out, it will return despite your efforts: Naturam expelles furca, tamen usque recurret.

But the banana, more than any other plant we know of, has managed for many centuries to do without seeds altogether. The cultivated sort, especially in America, is quite seedless, and the plants are propagated entirely by suckers. Still, you can never wholly circumvent nature. Expel her with a pitchfork, tamen usque recurrit.

Omnia sine dubio, optime parentum, assidente amantissima uxore, superfuere honori tuo: paucioribus tamen lacrimis compositus es, et novissima in luce desideravere aliquid oculi tui.

Ambo tamen credens atque confitens.... "And now this last verse: Peto quod petivit latro poenitens! "What a cry! Ah, but it is beautiful! It is beautiful! What words to say in dying! And what did the poor thief ask, that Dixmas of whom the church has made a saint for that one appeal: 'Remember me, Lord, in Thy kingdom! But we have arrived. Stoop, that you may not spoil your hat.