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Ita consilium Britannorum in ipsos versum: transvectaeque praecepto ducis a fronte pugnantium alae, aversam hostium aciem invasere. Tum vero patentibus locis grande et atrox spectaculum: sequi, vulnerare, capere atque eosdem, oblatis aliis, trucidare.

We have a mind pliable in itself, that will be company; that has wherewithal to attack and to defend, to receive and to give: let us not then fear in this solitude to languish under an uncomfortable vacuity. "In solis sis tibi turba locis." Virtue is satisfied with herself, without discipline, without words, without effects.

and the Englishman who continued the Pharsalia, says "Tristia mille locis Stylus dedit omina bubo." Horace tells us that the old witch Canidia used part of the plumage of the owl in her dealings with the devil: "Plumamque nocturnae strigis." Virgil, in fine, joined in the hue and cry against this injured family:

They owe their independence to the nature of their country; for the missionaries, in spite of their zeal, have not been tempted to follow them to the tree-tops. Cardinal Bembo described them at the beginning of the 16th century, "quibusdam in locis propter paludes incolae domus in arboribus aedificant."

However Thyraeus relies on the anthropological test of evidence, and thinks that his belief is confirmed by the coincident reports of hauntings, 'variis distinctissimisque locis et temporibus, in the most various times and places.

'Interdum speciosa locis, morataque recte Fabula nullius Veneris, sine pondere et Arte, Valdius oblectat populum, meliusque moratur, Quam versus inopes rerum, nugaeque canorae. Hor. It is the Custom of the Mahometans, if they see any printed or written Paper upon the Ground, to take it up and lay it aside carefully, as not knowing but it may contain some Piece of their Alcoran.

Patrick described to them the likeness of the place with his finger, from Cill-Garad, quia venerunt ad Patricium ut obteret illis de locis quos invenerent. That my drink is not from the pure well."

It is in Heaven we shall possess the rubies, diamonds, and emeralds, the wine, the manna, and the honey." The world is a vast quarry in which are hewn out and shaped those living stones which are to build up the heavenly Jerusalem, as the Church sings: Tunsionibus, pressuris, Expoliti lapides Suis cooptantur locis, Per manus Artificis: Disponuntur permansuri Sacris aedificiis.

They did not however get clear of the enemy: the Romans pressing on their rear rush in as it were in one body before the gates could be shut against them. [Footnote 20: The original has undergone various changes here: my version coincides with the reading, locis circ

To this purpose Hippocrates also writeth in his book, De Aere, Aqua et Locis, that in his time there were people in Scythia as impotent as eunuchs in the discharge of a venerean exploit, because that without any cessation, pause, or respite they were never from off horseback, or otherwise assiduously employed in some troublesome and molesting drudgery.