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The power and influence of the Republic have arisen to a height obvious to all mankind; respect for its authority was not more apparent at its ancient than it is at its present limits; new and inexhaustible sources of general prosperity have been opened; the effects of distance have been averted by the inventive genius of our people, developed and fostered by the spirit of our institutions; and the enlarged variety and amount of interests, productions, and pursuits have strengthened the chain of mutual dependence and formed a circ le of mutual benefits too apparent ever to be overlooked.

You'll have pots o' money. Mark you, I am not defending James Datchett. I hold no brief for James. On the contrary, I am very decidedly of the opinion that he should not have done it. I merely say that there were extenuating circumstances. Just that. Ext. circ. Nothing more.

Chezter, M. De l'Isle he's also precizely in the mi'l' of a moze overwhelming story of his own " "Hiztorical!" the aunts broke in. "Well-known! abbout old house! in the vieux carré!" "Like that circ'" the aunts fell into tears of laughter.

Sometimes I have been obliged to pass over odd phrases and out-of-the-way allusions without a line of explanation; but in the index at the end of the fourth volume I hope to settle some difficulties that at present are left standing. The date of the play I take to be circ. 1640 or 1642.

She told me the instrument was called the vielle, in fact our old English viol; a very ancient instrument, which is represented as being played by one of the minstrels sculptured on the east front of Launceston Parish Church, circ. 1525. On a capital at S. Georges de Boscherville, in Normandy, is an eleventh-century representation of a huge hurdy-gurdy resting on the knees of two performers.

The Monk of Montaudon, Peire Raimon of Toulouse, Uc de San Circ, Uc Brunet and other troubadours of less importance also enjoyed Alfonso's patronage. Guiraut de Bornelh sent a poem to the Catalonian court in terms which seemed to show that the simple style of poetry was there preferred to complicated obscurities.

The towne of Evesham is meetly large and well builded of tymbre ... The market is very celebrate. LELAND, circ. 1540. The town of Evesham consists, by reason of its insular position, of only one thoroughfare. The river winds round enclosing it on three sides, so that, there being but one bridge, there is no other outlet except towards the north.

Texas Bill had just galloped home from the nearest railroad station with a big package of Eastern mail; and the combined attractions of letters, late magazines, and a box of New York candy so engrossed us that we did not see the Kid until the gate clicked and he stood before us, asking, "Is this the double A, quart circ., bar H outfit?" "The what?"

"This," said the Captain, conscientiously and even textually delivering the message with which he was charged, "is the pledge of love." "Captain Dieppe!" she cried, leaping back and blushing vividly. "Really I ! At such a time under the circ And what is it! I can't see."

They did not however get clear of the enemy: the Romans pressing on their rear rush in as it were in one body before the gates could be shut against them. [Footnote 20: The original has undergone various changes here: my version coincides with the reading, locis circ