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"He broke loose from his new chain," said the old sailor, "and I have been looking all over for him. I am glad I have found him, and I will pay for all the candy he spoiled." "Well, if you do that I can't find any fault," said the store-lady. "But he certainly gave me a great fright." "And he wouldn't even come down for peanuts," cried Bunny. "Wango isn't very good to-day," said Mr. Winkler.

The beautiful and popular Miss Colgate, the sensation of the early season and a certain candidate for stellar honours, never came to see the young Bingles without betraying a spirit of generosity which sometimes caused Mr. Bingle to sit up half the night treating stomach-aches of all ages and degrees. She brought candy and cakes and fruit for the children, and flowers for Mr. Bingle.

I think if a person went to Niagara Falls he'd be just as likely to make a little trip of it and come back again as to keep travelling on, which Mr Candy supposes he did. If you find the name again, put down the date of arrival on this, and see if there was any memorandum about forwarding letters." "All right," said the boy. "But I'll be gone an hour and a half. Can't cut into my lunch time."

The jolly new uncle gave Willy some sticks of peppermint and winter-green candy out of the glass jars, in the store-window, and showed him all around. He introduced him to his father, and took him into the house to see his mother. They made much of him, as strangers always did. "They said I must call them Grandpa and Grandma Perry," he told his own grandmother when he got home.

He had so many in his paws that it was hard to hold them all. He quickly reached for the falling candy, but he accidentally hit a glass jar filled with jelly beans. It crashed down to the floor, spilling the candy beans all over. "Oh! oh, dear! what a mess!" cried Mrs. Redden, and she ran to get the broom to drive Wango away. Wango was a queer monkey in more ways than one.

Bees are very partial to hoarhound nectar, and make a pleasing honey from the flowers where these are abundant. This honey has been almost as popular as hoarhound candy, and formerly was obtainable at druggists. Except in isolated sections, it has ceased to be sold in the drug stores. The generic name Marrubium is derived from a Hebrew word meaning bitter.

In one corner, an old woman was driving a busy trade in penny-worths of barley candy. Diminutive altar-boys in white lace cassocks and red, fur-trimmed capes, offered religious papers for sale. It was a harvest day for beggars, and "for the love of the good God" many a sou was given into feeble dirty hands.

Two pounds of Lemon Drops. Two pounds of Mixed Candy. Two pounds of Maccaroons. A dozen Oranges. A dozen Lemons. A drum of Figs. A box of French Plums. A loaf of Almond Cake."

"He's all tangled up in the string. He can't get loose!" "I'll get him loose!" declared the Captain. "Some of you shove that soft cushion over under our Clown!" The two Jacks, the Candy Rabbit and the Monkey on a Stick pulled and hauled until the cushion was just where the Clown would land if he let go of the string and fell.

He told Eleanor that a purse of five hundred dollars was always made up by collections, and given to the man who was able to tame the worst outlaw horse of the year. Then the girls were taken to the booths where refreshments were served. Sam Brewster ordered three ice-cream cones and three sodas. He also bought two boxes of candy for the girls.