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Why had this scourge of the mountain-desert spared her? Was it to track down Pierre? It was at this time that she heard the purl and whisper of running water, a sound dear to the hearts of all travelers. She veered to the left and found the little grove of trees with a thick shrubbery growing between, fed by the water of that diminutive brook. She dismounted and tethered the horses.

The Native States of India vary in size and importance from powerful principalities like the Nizam's State of Hyderabad, with an area of 82,000 miles nearly equal to that of England and Wales and Scotland and a population of over 11 millions, down to diminutive chiefships, smaller than the holdings of a great English landlord.

There were diminutive windows in the outer wall, but they were close to the low ceiling and though the glorious light from without tried hard to come in, it was successfully obstructed by little rush blinds of red and green. The rushes were placed vertically side by side and fastened together with string and painted in bright tints.

Often he would vary his usual between-customer reverie by walking out on his shaded verandah, where he would lean against an upright, nursing the bowl of his pipe, gazing across the sawdust to the diminutive and rackety box-plant in the distance. Welton, passing one day, laughed at him. "How about your economic waste, Merker?" he called.

Straight through the heart of this little oasis trickled a streamlet across which the Willow jumped with Baree under her arm, and on the edge of the rill was a small wigwam made of freshly cut spruce and balsam boughs. Into her diminutive mekewap the Willow thrust her head to see that things were as she had left them yesterday.

The habit of fixing their eyes on these glories made all the shining trifles, which compose the mass of things below, at last appear in their own diminutive littleness.

Subtle as the poison is they only cut out the part near the wound, and eat the rest of the animal. They dig pit-holes for the hippopotamus and rhinoceros and occasionally take them. They poison the pools for the game also; but their living is very precarious, and they often suffer the extremities of hunger." "Is that the cause, do you imagine, of their being so diminutive a race, Swinton?"

Say, and hold; but Sultana and precious Stones are damnable Temptations, besides, the Rogue's young and handsome, What a scornful look she casts at me; wou'd they were both handsomely at the Devil together. Guz. Dog, do you mutter? Fran. Oh! nothing, nothing, but the Palsy shook my Lips a little. Guz. Slave, go, and on your knees resign your Wife. Fran. Guz. Peace, thou diminutive Christian.

"Not much to look at, my dear Bev," said the Viscount, with a wave of his hand towards the inn, "but it's kept by an old sailor, a shipmate of the Bo'sun's. I can at least promise you a good breakfast, and the ale you will find excellent. But first I want to show you a very small demon of mine, a particularly diminutive fiend; follow me, my dear fellow."

The outbuilding given them to sleep in was thus too small to accommodate all, so two were taken into the house, and a diminutive closet, generally used by the family as a bath-room, was turned into a bed-room for the lucky couple. Now for a description of the bed.