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They made signs that they were hungry, pointing to the straps which confined their stomachs. The interpreter told them that they were about to hunt, and that they should have some of the game, at which they were much pleased. "Do you know what those straps are called, round their waist, Wilmot?" said Swinton. "They are called the belts of famine.

Swinton very justly to remark that he was lacking in "the statesmanlike qualities that enter into the composition of a great general." On the other hand, no man ever lived more capable than Mr. Lincoln of precisely appreciating the present facts, or more sure to avoid those peculiar blunders which entrapped the military commander.

There may be a herd bathing in the river, nothing more likely." "Let us stop the caravan; the creaking of these wheels would drive away anything," replied the Major; "we will then ride forward and see what it is. It is not more than half a mile from us." "Be it so," replied Swinton. "Omrah, get the rifles, and tell Bremen to come here.

The old man bowed himself out with a dignity that was more real than hers, and it had, as well, a touch of contempt in it. The moment the door closed behind him, Mrs. Swinton dropped into a chair, white and haggard, gasping for breath, with her heart beating great hammer-strokes that sent the blood to her brain.

As it was almost impossible to fire without a chance of hitting a Caffre, our travelers contented themselves with looking on, till the whole herd had passed by, and had disappeared in the jungle below. "They have gone right in the direction of the wagons," said Swinton.

Notwithstanding that the herd moved at a rapid pace, it was more than two hours before the whole had passed by. "Well," observed Alexander, "I can now say that I have seen no want of game in Africa. Where will they go to?" "They will go directly on to the southward," replied Swinton; "the migration of these animals is one of the most remarkable proofs of the fecundity of animal life.

Within the last two days they had also observed that the gnoo was not of the same sort as the one which they had seen so long, but a variety which Swinton told them was called the brindled gnoo; it was, however, in every other respect the same animal, as to its motions and peculiarities.

Swinton, to find out where he is, that I may go to him, and hear from his own lips a denial of the atrocious charge brought against him by the bank." "Yes, yes, of course! I don't wonder that you find it hard to believe." The guilty rector fidgeted nervously, and covered his confusion by bringing forward a chair. "I cannot stay, Mr. Swinton, thank you.

"As a rule people who dine as well as we are dining to-night have no room left for mentality they become all digestion!" Dr. Brayle laughed. "Nothing like a good dinner if one has an appetite for it. I think it quite possible that Faust would have left his Margaret for a full meal!" "I'm sure he would!" chimed in Mr. Swinton "Any man would!"

The print of another foot was observed by Omrah, and he pointed it out; but not knowing the name to give the animal in English or Dutch, he imitated its motions. "Does he mean a gnoo?" said Alexander. Omrah shook his head, and, raising his hands up, motioned that the animal was twice as big. "Come here, Bremen; what print of a hoof is this?" said Swinton.

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