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He was a good-looking man, with a fair beard and a pair of honest blue eyes, and in spite of his size and strength for he was a perfect son of Anak seemed rather shy and retiring. I left him loosening the straps of my box, and went downstairs to find Uncle Max. He had made himself quite at home, and was sitting in the big easy-chair contemplating the fire.

"You have just three hours to pack, dress, eat and get down to the station," she said, unbuckling straps and removing trays as she spoke. "But " "Don't stop to talk or ask questions, or say you can't." Mary stopped long enough to stamp her foot in order to emphasize her words. "You're going home with me. We'll talk it over afterward. We haven't time now. I'll hear the objections to-morrow.

"Nearer two!" cried Ned, who was struggling to loosen the straps that bound his electric rifle to the side of his mule. Already the pack animals as well as those ridden by the members of the giant-hunting party were showing signs of excitement. They seemed to want to join the stampeding horses. "Peg our animals out! Peg them out! Make them so they can't join the others!" yelled San Pedro.

The officers on long journeys speedily resolved, if we may judge from the results, that the suit most natty and nice for wear within twenty degrees of the Equator was the perfect white, and so the snowy figures below shoulder straps became familiar. This did not, of course, indicate acute stages of active service.

Enoch, who looked over his shoulder could not at first imagine what it was. He saw several rotting straps attached to the thing, however, and as his companion with a grunt of evident satisfaction, began poking into the hollow still further, the white boy picked the object up and knocked the dirt and decayed wood off it.

Then, after carefully trying the knots and straps that held his prisoner, he turned and lightly bounded up the hill. He was absent scarcely ten minutes, yet when he returned the major's eyes were half closed. But not his lips. "If you expect to hold me until your posse comes you had better take me to some less exposed position," he said dryly.

By an operation of subcutaneous section at the hips, knees, and feet, with application of plaster-of-Paris and extension, this hopeless cripple walked with crutches in two months, and with an apparatus consisting of elastic straps over the quadriceps femoris, peroneals, and weakened muscles, the valgus-foot being supported beneath the sole.

Colebe had been wounded below the left breast with a fiz-gig, and though it must have been done many years back, or the wound must have been slight, as it was difficult to discover any scar, yet it was supposed he felt some pain, though it probably might be occasioned by the straps of his knapsack; however, the youngest of the two strangers was applied to for relief.

He was shod with shoes that left the toes exposed. From his cuirass a gorgon’s head had, in deference to local prejudice, been effaced; in its stead were scrolls and thunderbolts. From the belt rows of straps, embroidered and fringed, fell nearly to the knee. He held his head in the air. His features were excellent, and his beard hung in rows of short overlapping curls.

They were objectionably burly and red in the face; they wore an offensive number of buttons and straps upon their uniforms. As Mr. Mafferton said, they utterly misconceived their position in life, attempting to Kaiser the travelling public by Divine right instead of recognising themselves as humble servants, buttoned only to be made more agreeable to the eye.