It had one window which was raised an inch with a lath under it, and I thought it strange at the time that the landlord should have let the window down, but I was very tired and dropped asleep almost as soon as I touched the bed. About two o'clock I was awakened with a smothered feeling, struggling for breath.

All this time, while new notes of alarm were sounded, and the police department was struggling to get its force in hand, the work of destruction was going on in the upper part of the city. Bull's Head Tavern, in Forty-sixth Street, attracted the attention of the mob. The sales of the immense herds of cattle in the adjoining yard had been suspended, and the hotel closed.

Among all the points in Paris this was the one toward which her thoughts were tending, the conciergerie, the grim prison where her lover was! "It is there," she replied, struggling with her emotion, "behind that cupola of the Chamber of Commerce. Do you see those short pointed towers? That is it." "Is it still used as a prison?" continued the visitor with a strange insistence.

In his journal of February 28th 1854, he tells us that he had on the Sunday before seen a vision of Mainhill in old days, with mother, father, and the rest getting dressed for the meeting-house. "They are gone now, vanished all; their poor bits of thrifty clothes, ... their pious struggling efforts; their little life, it is all away.

He became conscious finally of a warmth penetrating his sandals. He knew that he had been struggling up a slope for a long time, and now he realized that he was again on the dry, sun-heated sand of the desert.

One poor wretch, whom he assisted to extricate from beneath the body of his struggling horse, cried to him for water, and died in the prayer.

They did "hola," but for a moment only, and then diving down in the water, attempted to make their escape. The boys were now on the brink of the stream, and not more than twenty feet away from the struggling men. "Hola, hola," shrieked Ralph and Tom in concert, as they aimed their guns at them. "That devil in front is the fellow we want to get. He is the meanest of the entire outfit.

If lack of zeal is found in many sections of the country on this subject, it is because the people are never brought in contact with the evils, the abuses, and the corruptions which are well known to exist at points where the patronage is large, and where consequently many citizens are struggling for place.

Then a labouring, panting and struggling phrase scarcely a theme is heard as the storm slightly lulls; the curtain rises and we see Hunding's dwelling, and Siegmund bursts in. The music of the earlier portion of the first scene is not of the same intrinsic quality, nor need it be.

In the United States, where revolution had done its work nobly and wisely, and the experiment of self-government was working successfully, sympathy for the struggling people of France and of all Europe was powerful and untrammelled.