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There were not bottoms enough to take the corn away from Chicago, nor, indeed, on the railway was there a sufficiency of rolling stock or locomotive power to bring it into Chicago. As I said before, the country was bursting with its own produce and smothered in its own fruits. At Chicago the hotel was bigger than other hotels and grander.

"I just couldn't wait to show you how well I look in them!" exclaimed Alsie as she jumped into bed with Alice, and almost smothered her with hugs and kisses. "You can always think of the prettiest things for me, dear Auntee, and I do love pink so dearly," she continued with an affectionate glance at the pretty slippers, adorned with the daintiest of ribbon rosettes.

That was the way he felt now, for to be beaten in the game which you have played like a man yourself and have been fouled into an unchallenged defeat, without the voice of the umpire, is a fate which has smothered the soul of better men than Crozier. Mona's voice stopped him. "Do not go, Shiel," she urged gently. "No, you must not go I want fair-play from you, if nothing else.

It would not be a bad thing to have a couple of crates of poultry. Don't pack them too closely, or half of them will be smothered before you get them here. Dead meat would be of no use, for it won't keep in this heat. We can turn them all out in the courtyard in front of the castle, and they can pick up their living there among the lower slopes of the cliffs.

Here, however, at her own room window, and alone, there was no bar to thanksgivings; and Daisy had them in her heart, as well as prayers for the people who had them not. "Miss Daisy!" said the smothered voice of June behind her "are you there, Miss Daisy?" June's accent was doubtful and startled. Daisy turned round. "Miss Daisy! I thought you was in the supper-room." "No, June I'm here."

When her child was born, she became passionately fond of it; her maternal spirit smothered it. It gave the needed excitement in the routine of life at St. Saviour's. Yet the interest was not permanent. There came a time when she resented the fact that Jean Jacques made more of the child than he did of herself.

And under this latter announcement there was a picture of a young and handsome man, literally smothered with medals, lying at full length, with his arms crossed and his head in the wide-open jaws of a snarling, wild-eyed lion. "My dear chap, you really do make me believe that there actually is such a thing as instinct," said Narkom, as he came in.

Polly broke into a smothered wail. "Oh, I did love him so I did!" she cried. "I'd have let him walk over me. I'd have let him kill me." "'E nearly did it," said Glad. "'E went away sudden an' she's never 'eard word of 'im since." From under Polly's face-hiding arm came broken words. "I couldn't tell my mother. I did not know how. I was too frightened and ashamed. Now it's too late.

Quimby feeling about for him in the impenetrable darkness, and in another moment he could hear her smothered whisper: "Are you there, Jake?" "Yes; where are you?" "Here," said the woman, with an effort to keep her teeth from striking together. "For God's sake, a light!" came from the hollow darkness beyond. It was Quimby's voice at last. Jake answered: "No light for me.

He had been deeply disgusted, when, at the death of Count Renneberg, Verdugo, a former stable-boy of Mansfeld, a Spaniard who had risen from the humblest rank to be a colonel and general, had been made governor of Friesland. He had smothered his resentment for a time however, but had sworn within himself to desert at the most favourable opportunity.

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