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Karain bent his head: Hollis threw lightly over it the dark-blue ribbon and stepped back. "Forget, and be at peace!" I cried. Karain seemed to wake up from a dream. He said, "Ha!" shook himself as if throwing off a burden. He looked round with assurance. Someone on deck dragged off the skylight cover, and a flood of light fell into the cabin. It was morning already.

We had planned to be back the same evening, and went prepared only for an afternoon's drive in a couple of hired street carriages. It was seven weeks before we again saw Brussels. He wore the khaki uniform which he had worn in many campaigns. Across his breast was a narrow bar of silk ribbon indicating the campaigns in which he had served as a correspondent.

Up the platform to it a wide ramp ascended; and on ramp and dais and along the centre of the gleaming platform down to where it kissed the white waters, a broad ribbon of the radiant flowers lay like a fairy carpet.

Wiggins. For Mr. Wiggins Tish and I generally send the same things each year Tish a wreath of autumn foliage and I a sheaf of wheat tied with a lavender ribbon. The program seldom varies. We drive to the cemetery in the afternoon and Aggie places the sheaf and the wreath on Mr.

They had followed the flat ribbon of sliver from the Carding Machine. At the Drawing Frame six ribbons from the Carder were all brought together into one ribbon and so gained in quality, while losing more impurities during a second severe process of combing out. "And even now it's not ready for spinning," explained Raymond.

"No, don't cut them," says Tita quickly. She draws the basket towards her, and slowly and with care unties the true lover's knot of pale blue ribbon that fastens it. "Flowers, I expect," says Margaret. "But tied up like this?" "That is because there is a letter inside it."

I went into the place where he was, to look for some people who are wanted, and saw your son sitting with a well-known rough of the name of North, who has become a changed man, however, and has put on the blue ribbon. I knew North well, and recognised your son at once. "Where is he? Take me to him at once. My bonnet and shawl, Molly!" "Pardon me, ma'am," said Giles.

On those occasions her toilet, although always simple, was more elegant than usual; there was a flower in her hair, a bright ribbon, or some such bagatelle; but there was something youthful and fresh about her. The dance, which she loved for itself as an amusing exercise, seemed to inspire her with a frolicsome gaiety.

Should it be found that some parts of the picture are denser printed than should be by the ribbon acting more strongly on some particular part this is often the case if the negative has been thinner in some parts than others, through uneven coating of the plate the picture need not be discarded as a failure, for I will explain to you later on how to overcome this difficulty.

A ribbon cannot be given away without breaking the hearts of, perhaps, three gentlemen and of their wives and daughters. And then he went down to the House of Lords, for the last time this Session as far as work was concerned. On the morrow legislative work would be over, and the gentlemen of Parliament would be sent to their country houses, and to their pleasant country joys.