For what have they immured you in this place?" "Pour rien du tout, c'est a dire pour une bagatelle; but what can you expect from such animals? For what are you imprisoned? Did I not hear say for Gypsyism and sorcery?" "Perhaps you are here for your opinions?" "Ah, mon Dieu, non; je ne suis pas homme a semblable betise. I have no opinions.

"How much do you need? Busness is pretty good now, and I've about landed the new order for shells for the English War Department. I supose we make it fifty! Although, we'd better keep it a Secret between the to of us." I drew myself up, although tempted. But what was fifty dollars to doing somthing for Adrian? A mere bagatelle. "Father," I said, "do you know Miss Everett, my English teacher?"

Afterwards, when she became a saleslady in the Bagatelle, that flamboyant department store in Faber Street, she earned four dollars and a half a week. Two of these were supposed to go into the common fund, but there were clothes to buy; Lise loved finery, and Hannah had not every week the heart to insist.

Schaick is going to let me have ten thousand just for a flyer in such operations." "But that's a good deal of money." "Wait till you are used to handling money. I didn't come out here for a bagatelle.

"Lise, come away from here," she pleaded, "come home with me!" "Home!" said Lise, defiantly, and laughed. "What do you take me for? Why would I be going home when I've been trying to break away for two years? I ain't so dippy as that not me! Go home like a good little girl and march back to the Bagatelle and ask 'em to give me another show standing behind a counter all day. Nix!

In the unconventional life now in prospect he could see her daily and permit his interest to be dissipated or deepened, as the case might be, while he remained, in the strictest sense of the world, uncommitted. It was a very prudent scheme and not a bad one. He reasoned justly: "This selecting a wife is no bagatelle.

As usual, some bagatelle of a million or thereabouts had been betted on a horse which had won several races, and this animal was reckoned to be incapable of losing: but the untried animal shot out and galloped home an easy winner.

I was just upon the point of reaching the summit of bliss, when an old marchioness who had been mistress to the Prince, my husband, invited him to drink chocolate with her. He died in less than two hours of most terrible convulsions. But this is only a bagatelle. My mother, in despair, and scarcely less afflicted than myself, determined to absent herself for some time from so fatal a place.

A woman of your mature experience knows the value of a husband. What is this little loss of two or three hundred pounds?" "Not more than three hundred, my lord?" interposes Maria. "Eh! never mind a hundred or two, more or less. What is this loss at cards? A mere bagatelle! You are playing for a principality.

Monsieur Got of the Comédie Française believes that Louis XIV pronounced "Moi," "le Roi" as "Moué" "le Roué"; and thus he pronounced it in a speech which has been recorded in wax and is to form a part of the collection at Bagatelle.