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He had no need to drop his voice; it had been low all the time, a mere murmur in the silence of dark houses with their shutters closed early against the night air, as is the custom of Sulaco. Only the sala of the Casa Gould flung out defiantly the blaze of its four windows, the bright appeal of light in the whole dumb obscurity of the street.

"You do have the oddest ways," said Nora, perched at the foot of her cousin's bed; "why do you stay in bed to breakfast?" "Because I always have and because it's the proper and reasonable thing to do," said Constance defiantly. "Your English custom of coming down at half past eight to eat poached eggs and bacon is perfectly detestable."

That, however, would have been selfish; so we sat on defiantly. At last he started from his chair as some one knocked at the door. I heard several people talking, and then loud above their voices a younger one. When I came to myself, the first thing I thought was that they would ask me to hold it. Then I remembered, with another sinking at the heart, that they might want to call it after me.

She fluttered round him, provoking him by her beauty, her bare neck; her eyes glowed defiantly, her movements were passionate, while he became more and more indifferent, and held out his hands to her as graciously as a king. "Bravo, bravo!" said people watching them.

By now the Evershams must surely have written she had begged them to.... But she was not going to be silly and panicky, she determinedly informed that queer little catch in her side which came at the thought of her isolation, and humming defiantly she sat down at the white piano and opened the score of a light opera which she knew: Say not love is a dream, Say not that hope is vain ...

A little defiantly, she raised her eyes to his, only to drop them back to the spray. "But he does not love me. He knows me only as the boy he was kind to. I have given him the high-seat in my heart, but I sit only within the door of his." The forest seemed very still when she had done, the only sound the clanking of the bits as the horses cropped the withered grass.

For a moment or two their colors waved defiantly at their front as their officers rode among them in the vain endeavor to hold them to the hopeless effort; and then they turned and vanished into the deep recesses of the forest whence they came. Not as they came, however, but as a flying multitude of panic-stricken men, insensible to authority, conscious only of their defeat and their peril.

Very much against his will, Growler emptied his pockets of the False Hare's jewelry and handed it over to his Chief. Mittens took the gold watch and chain, the flashing pin and studs, the beautiful diamond ring and put them all on, glaring defiantly at his crew as he did so.

He spoke defiantly. "Walk right along," said Uncle William, cheerfully. He tottered a few steps, and held out his hand. Uncle William chuckled. "I reckoned you'd want a lift." He placed a strong hand under the young man's arm. They paced back and forth the length of the deck. "Feel good?" asked Uncle William. The young man nodded. "I shall go alone to-morrow."

"Well, 'tain't no use fur nobody to be poutin' an' sullin'. 'Tain't gwine do 'em no good. 'Tain't gwine budge me nary hair's brea'th frum whut I considers to be my plain duty. Ef folkses don't lak it so much de wuss fur dem, present company not excepted. Dat's my say an' I done said it!" And out of the room she marched with her head held defiantly high. That night there were callers.