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"You think of such silly things," she said with mock severity. "There's nothing silly about it. Beauty is an attribute of the divine. I worship it for its own sweet sake wherever I find it, in pearl or opal, dewdrop or flower, the stars, or a woman's face or form or eyes." She lowered her head. "Do you know the old legend of the opal?" he asked.

It was disagreeable to him to have momentous affairs like his own discussed by anticipation with Deena Deena, who was only a woman, and he now feared a silly one at that. "It is no secret, then!" said Simeon, contemptuously, and added, turning to his wife: "Be good enough not to speak of this before the servant; I should be sorry to have the faculty hear of such a thing from anyone but me."

The Visitor from Paradise, for example, occurs in Brittany, Germany, Norway, and Sweden, England, Roumania, Tyrol, and Ireland. In some of the versions the silly wife gives some household treasure to a passer-by because her husband had said that he was keeping this for Christmas, for Easter, or for "Hereafterthis" and the Visitor claims it in that name.

Then wheeling suddenly he sprang over a moss-covered trunk that blocked her path, stepped in front of her, and laid his hand on her shoulder. "Not offended, Margaret, are you?" he asked, looking earnestly into her eyes. "No what nonsense! Of course not. Why do you ask?" "Well, somehow you spoke as if you were." "No, I didn't; I only said how dear Mr. Burton was, and he IS. How silly you are!

Luke Claridge was right. He knew that he and his belonged to a different sphere. He didn't speak. Why do you speak now after all these years when we are all set in our grooves? It's silly to disturb us, Soolsby." The voice was low, persuasive, and searching; the mind was working as it had never worked before, to achieve an end by peaceful means, when war seemed against him.

Men say that you are son to noble Peleus, and that your mother is Thetis, fair-haired daughter of the sea. I have noble Anchises for my father, and Venus for my mother; the parents of one or other of us shall this day mourn a son, for it will be more than silly talk that shall part us when the fight is over. Learn, then, my lineage if you will and it is known to many.

'Never! cried Slimak, and added under his breath: 'They are dead set on me the vermin! Queer folk! he observed to his wife, looking after the departing brichka, 'when our people are quarrelling, they don't stop to listen, but these seem to understand each other all the same and to smooth things over. 'What are you always cracking up the Swabians for, you old silly? returned his wife.

Armine, to consult him about a friend of mine who is ill and obstinate, and we had a most extraordinary talk about the soul and the body. A sort of fight it was. He thought me a typical silly woman. I'm sure of that." "Why?" "Because I suppose I took a sentimental view of our subject. We women always instinctively take the sentimental view, you know.

And eyes! beautiful always, but never more so than at this moment, when filled with sweetly pensive contemplation.... Was she reviewing the last twenty-four hours, dreaming of what had passed between her and that silly fool, Maitland? If only Anisty could surmise what they had said to each other, how long they had been acquainted; if only she would give him a hint, a leading word!...

For the first time he perceived how elementary his own principles had always been. He passed for a young man who had not been afraid of risks, and he knew that his secret love-affair with poor silly Mrs. Thorley Rushworth had not been too secret to invest him with a becoming air of adventure. But Mrs.