Emma was at work, one of her sister's children sitting by her, writing on a slate. She had expected the appearance of the landlady; seeing who the visitor was, she let her hands fall abruptly; an expression of pain passed over her features. Adela went up to her and kissed her forehead, then exchanged a few words with the child. Emma placed a chair for her, but without speaking.

It was dark when Mamba arrived, and rather late; but he was too anxious to transact his "business" to wait till morning. Having ascertained where the missionary lived, he went there direct, and was ushered into his sitting-room. "You wish to converse with me," said Mr Ellis, in a kind voice, and in the native tongue, as he placed a chair for his visitor who, however, preferred to stand.

He therefore told his learned visitor, that although his son had been incommoded by the heat of the court, and the long train of hard study, by day and night, preceding his exertions, yet he had fortunately so far recovered, as to be in condition to obey upon the instant a sudden summons which had called him to the country, on a matter of life and death.

Bingley, from this time, was of course a daily visitor at Longbourn; coming frequently before breakfast, and always remaining till after supper; unless when some barbarous neighbour, who could not be enough detested, had given him an invitation to dinner which he thought himself obliged to accept.

"Looks like rather good material, doesn't he, Bender?" inquired Mr. Trotter. "Green, of course, and yet " "I didn't come here to discuss Navy athletics," replied Midshipman Bender. "Oh, an official visit is that it?" asked shipman Hayes, favoring the official visitor with a baby-stare.

A lady visitor at the hospital was kind, and found her a place where she did housework; but she was so weak they couldn't keep her. Then she got a job as waitress in a down-town lunch-room, but one day she fainted while she was handing a dish, and that evening when they paid her they told her she needn't come again. Hawkins, and he stopped and asked me what the trouble was.

If Solomon himself, half starved and imbecile with despair, had suddenly presented himself from his living tomb, Richard could not have been more astonished than at the appearance of his present visitor. He had left her but three days ago for Midlandshire. How was it possible she had tracked him hither?

To search for him in the cemetery had not occurred to anyone. Just then a knock at the door announced a visitor. The door was opened, and George stepped into their midst. Everyone was dumbfounded. The old Mr. Richmond ran forward and pressed him to his breast. Lucy and her brothers kissed his hands and wet them with their tears. "Oh, that your father were with us," was all Mr. Richmond could say.

"And I suppose you have left nothing at all for me to do, as usual. It is too bad, Mother Bartlett." "You shall do all the rest," said her friend; "and now you may talk to me." She was a trim little old woman, not near so tall as her visitor; very wrinkled, but fresh-skinned, and with a quick grey eye.

"You are sure she didn't go into the kitchen and dry her feet?" "She went up stairs as soon as she came in." "Did you go up with her?" "Yes." "Excuse me, Mrs. Lowe," said Mrs. Wykoff, who saw that these questions were chafing her visitor, "for pressing my inquiries so closely. I am much concerned at the fact of her absence from your house since Monday.