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Just now, when you cited to me the laws of this country, which respect in a woman not even a mother's right I thought with pride of our barbarous countries, where woman, though a slave, is made free when she becomes a mother. No, no; such laws are not made either for you or me.

Nevertheless I could not stop to argue that matter with her. 'The little maid has not been devoured, I said to Mistress Odam: 'and now she is a tall young lady, and as beautiful as can be. If I sleep in your good hostel to-night after going to Watchett town, will you come with me to Oare to-morrow, and see your little maiden? 'I would like and yet I fear. This country is so barbarous.

Of the methods of the Phœnicians and their colonists in establishing trade with primitive peoples, we get an interesting picture from Herodotus, who describes how the Carthaginians conducted business with barbarous tribes on the northern coast of Africa. Rawlinson, vol.

Do we not see in this astonishing example a highly successful effort of a marine worm to improve on the condition and habits of its barbarous ancestors?

I pleaded for the poor wretch that he had not done us any injury as yet; that though he had been watching the camp, we could not tell that he had any sinister object in doing so; and that, as his life had been preserved, it would be barbarous to take it afterwards. The chief heard me very patiently, but he was evidently unmoved by all my arguments.

The next who fell in their way was Captain Carter, in the Wright galley; who, because he showed some inclination to defend himself, was cut and mangled in a barbarous manner. There were also two Portuguese friars, whom they tied to the foremast, and several times let them down before they were dead, merely to gratify their own ferocious dispositions.

"I cannot believe that the noble Indians would have been guilty of so barbarous an act," exclaimed Rochford. "They probably considered the deer their own, and that they were justified in carrying it off." "Wait, my dear sir, till you have seen more of these red-skinned gentlemen before you pronounce an opinion," said the judge; and Rochford was silent.

"You have exposed in a masterly manner the fallacies of Abolitionism. There is a complete coincidence of views between us. My 'Argument, which is nearly ready for the press, supports the same view of the necessity of slavery to the christianization and civilization of a barbarous race.

She looked at me very indignantly, and said, "Curse your impudence, sar, I wonder where you larn manners. Sar, I take a lilly turkey bosom, if you please. Talk of breast to a lady, sar; really quite horrid." I made two or three more barbarous mistakes before the supper was finished. At last the eating was over, and I must say a better supper I never sat down to.

It is idle to discern in such barbarous inconsistencies any thing but the writer's own contributions to the stock of them. This is touching; but the reader may as well be prepared for a total failure in Dante's conception of Satan, especially the English reader, accustomed to the sublimity of Milton's.