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So I sent this here party, I never could pronounce his name, and never shall a receipt for a year. Miss Coleman paused to smooth her apron, and consider.

Nairac being inexorable, the judge was compelled to pronounce an ejectment, with the penalty mentioned in the lease and costs of suit; but he could not pronounce the decree without tears. When an order of seizure, both of person and effects was added, the poor widow exclaimed, "O merciful and righteous God, be thou a friend to the widow and her helpless orphans!" and immediately fainted away.

I have perused a writing, entitled Gigan " Here my uncle's unfortunate infirmity met him that of being unable in public to pronounce hard words. "The pamphlet entitled Gigan " He could get no further. "Giganteo " It was not to be done. The unlucky word would not come out. At the Johannæum there would have been a laugh.

At a very early hour of the morning, half-past five, the judges of the high court of Parliament, forty-nine in number, gathered at the council-room in order to pronounce sentence.

But know then, whoever thou art that readest, that Christ's exposition of the law was more to shew thee the perfection of his own obedience, than to drive thee back to the holiness thou hadst lost; for God sent him to fulfil it, by doing it, and dying to the most sore sentence it could pronounce: not as he stood a single person, but common, as Mediator between God and man; making up in himself the breach that was made by sin, betwixt God and the world.

Thus had it come about that Ephraim was almost afraid to pronounce his father's name. Neither did he care to allude to their mother before Viola, for the memory of her death was too closely bound up with that dark form behind the distant prison walls. Let us now return to the night on which Ephraim opened the door to his father. How had it come about?

At Rome Addison remained on his first visit only long enough to catch a glimpse of St. Peter's and of the Pantheon. His haste is the more extraordinary because the Holy Week was close at hand. He has given no hint which can enable us to pronounce why he chose to fly from a spectacle which every year allures from distant regions persons of far less taste and sensibility than his.

We have written to them both to come up to us, and in order that we might be quite on the square I thought it right to tell you." "Thank you; yes; I cannot complain of you. And what form do you think that your proceedings will take?" "Joseph Mason talks of indicting her for forgery," said the attorney, pausing a moment before he dared to pronounce the dread word.

"Do you like the teachers?" "Well enough." "Do you like the little black one, and the Madame ? I cannot pronounce her name as you do." "Miss Scatcherd is hasty you must take care not to offend her; Madame Pierrot is not a bad sort of person." "But Miss Temple is the best isn't she?" "Miss Temple is very good and very clever; she is above the rest, because she knows far more than they do."

"I recognized thy voice, and I am grateful to thee, for it was thou that didst strengthen my courage to follow the impulse of my heart, in spite of my spiritual guides, and to come here again. Thou wilt defend me if others blame me." "I came here to pronounce thee unclean." "Then thou hast changed thy mind?" asked Bent-Anat, and a smile of contempt curled her lips.

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