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"D n me," says he, "away to the pump with the catchpole directly shew me your writ, or let the gentleman go you shall not arrest a man contrary to law." He then laid his hands on the doctor, who, still fast griping the attorney, cried out, "He is a villain I am no bailiff, but a clergyman, and this lawyer is guilty of forgery, and hath ruined a poor family."

Ellison having fallen a martyr to her liquor, and the other to his amours, by which he was at last become so rotten that he stunk above-ground. The attorney, Murphy, was brought to his trial at the Old Bailey, where, after much quibbling about the meaning of a very plain act of parliament, he was at length convicted of forgery, and was soon afterwards hanged at Tyburn.

One would have thought that the lady who had thus so narrowly escaped, had had enough but forgery, like opium-eating, is one of those charming vices which is never abandoned, when once adopted. The forger enjoys not only the pleasure of obtaining money so easily, but the triumph of befooling sharp men of the world.

One of his emissaries had found means to conceal this paper in a certain part of the bishop's house at Bromley in Kent, where it was found by the king's messengers, who secured the prelate in consequence of Young's information. But he vindicated himself to the satisfaction of the whole council; and the forgery of the informer was detected by the confession of his accomplice.

Someone had written in his name; it was a forgery; she would meet Stafford presently, and they would laugh at it together.

We can. 'And do, sometimes, thought Martin. 'You help yourselves with very little ceremony, too! 'At all events, whatever name we choose to employ, said the colonel, stooping down to roll the third empty bottle into a corner after the other two, 'I suppose the art of forgery was not invented here sir? 'I suppose not, replied Martin. 'Nor any other kind of smartness I reckon? 'Invented!

Everybody now knew it as a positive fact that the charges made against the man were to become matter of investigation before the chief magistrate for the City, everybody knew that he had committed forgery upon forgery, everybody knew that he could not pay for the property which he had pretended to buy, and that actually he was a ruined man; and yet he had seized Nidderdale by the hand, and called the young lord 'his dear boy' before the whole House.

The train started off again, and George settled himself to read. The first thing that met his eye was an account of the assizes, and the first case was headed, "Forgery by a Banker's Clerk." This brought back to remembrance, more vividly than ever, the sad scenes of the past few days; he threw the paper out of the window, and abandoned himself to thought. At last the train arrived at Plymouth.

William King who could easily have proved any forgery, had there been one. The first suspicion cast on the work came from Dr. Johnson. Writing, in his life of Swift, of the published version, he remarks, "that it seemed by no means to correspond with the notions that I had formed of it from a conversation that I once heard between the Earl of Orrery and old Mr. Lewis."

It was enough, however. Clancy compared the name signed to the letter with that on the photograph. It could be seen at a glance that the same hand had not written the two signatures they were utterly different. "Just as I imagined," observed Clancy. "Hiram, either your father did not write what is on the back of the photograph, or else that letter is a forgery.