But if you'll pardon my saying so, madam" Wallis was resuming his man-servant manners "it was not always good for Mr. Allan." "I think I understand," said Phyllis thoughtfully, as she and the wolfhound went to interview Mrs. Clancy. So that was why! She had imagined something of the sort. And she she herself was doubtless the outcome of one of Mrs.

I could not help comparing him with the steam-yacht owner, who was a good-looking man, too, but in a different way. Both of them, to look at, were of the same size. Both had their clothes made by tailors who knew their business and took pains with the fitting, though it was easy to fit men like Clancy and the skipper, such fine level shoulders and flat broad backs they had.

Ike proceeded to use the oars, and, while the boat rounded the end of the pier, Hiram hung to his seat with both hands, and looked wildly and expectantly at Clancy. "Beginnin' to feel squeamish," mumbled Hiram. "Don't think about it," returned the motor wizard. "Look down at the marine gardens, Hiram." Hill gradually forgot his uneasiness.

"We haven't done much toward runnin' out the trail, but we can begin on that again to-morrow." "I'm running out my own trail, Hiram," laughed Clancy. "Eh?" returned Hill blankly. The motor wizard did not explain. His companion, he knew, would not have understood him if he had explained. But Clancy realized that he was more contented in mind than he had been at any time during the last two weeks.

Carshaw's eyes clashed with Clancy's, as rapiers rasp in thrust and parry. From that instant the two men became firm friends, for the young millionaire said quietly: "I have her promise to call for help on me, first, Mr. Clancy." "You'll follow her to Fairfield then?" and Steingall sat up suddenly. "Yes. Please advise me." "That's the way to talk.

"Hogan, I hear," the loquacious stranger continued presently, "charters that boat of his to the unsuspecting. He does it for a blind nothing else. Now, if you gents want a trip up or down the coast, as far north as San Fran, or as far down as the Horn. I've got just the thing slickest little schooner with steam auxiliary you ever put eyes on." A light broke over Clancy.

To-day I received a letter from Clancy, assuring me that Vienna holds the culprit, and that he is an Austrian from Trieste. Now, for Heaven's sake, I ended, 'let me alone and stop writing me letters until you have something to write about. "The night-clerk at the Waldorf had furnished us with our first clew.

And oul' Peter Clancy up the street, that's been away in the head since he was a child, is over sixty years of age!... I thought he was going to spring out of the bed when he said that, the temper come over him so quick and sudden, but I held him down and begged him to control himself, and he quietened himself.

Devar was unaware of any change in the manner of either of the detectives, because he was watching Lamotte's livid face with a species of fascinated horror, but Curtis, who had often been compelled to hold similar inquiries into cold-blooded crimes committed by Chinese coolies, found greater interest in observing Clancy.

"And isn't it a highly significant fact that you are over head and ears in love with your wife? Nom d'un pipe! Doesn't that complicate the thing worse than a Chinese puzzle?" "I really don't see " began Curtis, yielding to a feeling of annoyance which was not altogether unwarrantable, but Clancy jerked out his hands as though they were attached to arms moved by the strings of a marionette.