Jane's old, rebellious loyalty clashed with her doubt. "I won't believe it," she replied, stubbornly. "Well then, just act natural an' talk natural, an' pretty soon give them time to hear us pretend to go over there to the table, en' then quick-like make a move for the door en' open it." "I will," said Jane, with heightened color.

Thereupon Frederick Augustus fled into Bohemia, relying on an offer from Vienna which guaranteed him his German lands if he would join the Hapsburgs in their armed mediation. For the present, however, Saxony was to be the battlefield of the two contending principles of nationality and Napoleonic Imperialism. They clashed together on the historic ground of Lützen.

At the new election Cambridge again elected Oliver, not for anything he had done, but as a rebuke to the haughty and frivolous Charles for rejecting him. This was known as the Long Parliament: it lasted two years, and during its sessions about all that Oliver did was to sit and cogitate. In January, Sixteen Hundred Forty-two, there took place the inevitable Charles and Parliament clashed.

"You knew yesterday what had happened to me don't say you didn't, because I saw you smiling to yourself. You might come into the garden and let me say my say." She didn't budge. "Very well then. I will make a scene right here a terrible scene." He caught her two hands in his, and drew her toward him so that the keys at her belt jangled and clashed. "This is preposterous!" she exclaimed.

Without relaxing for a moment his grip on the points of the case, no matter what human elements might be drawn into it, the General instantly rose and shot out an accusing forefinger at the Confederate. "And the pass he gave to you!" Their eyes clashed but the Southerner lowered his own not a whit and backed them, furthermore, with honest anger.

The poplars rustled behind them and the grass rippled and clashed, but now and then the breeze died away for a few moments, and there was a curious and almost disconcerting stillness. At last, in one of these intervals, the Canadian, partly rising, lifted his hand. "Listen!" he said. "Guess I hear a team."

The first time these ladies clashed, which was not long in coming, my aunt met with a wit as sharp again as her own, and never afterwards essayed an open tilt. The homage of men Dolly took as Caesar received tribute, as a matter of course. The doctor himself rode to the races beside the Manners coach, leaning gallantly over the door.

He wore a number of anklets and armlets of polished wire, a broad beaded collar, heavy earrings, and a sumptuous robe of softened goatskins embroidered with beads and cowrie shells. As he strode his anklets clashed softly. His girt was free, and he walked with authority. Altogether an impressive figure. "The sultani is a fine-looking man," observed Bibi-ya-chui. "I suppose the others are slaves."

Never had Greenland glaciers heard such a tumult of acclaim as when the throng cheered and stamped and clashed their weapons. It was a supreme moment. Leif's bronzed face was white, as he stood waiting for the noise to subside that he might answer them. Yet never had his bearing been statelier than when at last he stepped forward and faced them.

"The Pallozzos and the Quatrones," Donnelly explained, "are two Italian gangs which have come into rivalry over the fruit business. They unload the ships, you know, and they have clashed several times. You probably heard about their last mix-up one man killed and four wounded."