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I know of no other American writer who is driven by such inevitable compulsion to express her ideal of what America might be, and it serves to underscore the truth that the chief idealistic contribution to American life comes no longer from the anæmic Anglo-Saxon puritan, but from the younger elements of our mixed racial culture.

The blend of these elements reacted on the perceptions, rendering the bathe in two temperatures that of a lifetime and a means also whereby the clarified senses were first stimulated and then soothed.

Already her home-coming had been heralded broadcast as an event of consequence to the great city. Her name was upon the lips of the multitude, and upon the hearts of those who really care for such things, the devotees of art, of high endeavor, of a stage worthy the traditions of its past. And in her case, in addition to all these helpful elements, Society grew suddenly interested and enthralled.

"You do not speak to others of the elements in you," said Clara. "I certainly do not: I have but one bride," was his handsome reply. "Is it fair to me that you should show me the worst of you?" "All myself, my own?"

Free, and weary of a monastic life, she became softened on again beholding her former lover, and they were married. He was then appointed commandant of Cherbourg, and his indefatigable mind contended with the elements as if it were opposing men.

Constance too his scene with her on the river bank her letter, breaking with him and then the soft, mysterious change in her and that passionate, involuntary promise in her eyes and voice, as they stood together in her aunts' garden all these various elements, bitter and sweet, were mingled in the influence which was shaping his own life.

Lyon with no stations between, we took two coaches if we had several passengers; however, this time I only had Mr. Miller. The first night out I told him he had better sleep on the ground, he would sleep warmer and be safer from the elements, but he said he would freeze to death. I told him that by morning he would see who had frozen if he slept in the coach.

These atomic weights are absolutely necessary to a clear understanding of the compounds formed by the union or combination of two or more elements. "One other thing is also necessary. That is to keep in mind the number of bonds, or hands, possessed by each atom. The atom of hydrogen has only one hand, and the same is true of potassium.

That vicious idea which had first grown up on the inclement shores of Massachusetts Bay, and had been nourished and protected and spread abroad throughout the North and West as the richest heritage which sterile New England could give to the states her sons had planted; that outgrowth of absurd and fanatical ideas which had made the North free, and whose absence had enabled the South to remain "slave" the township system, with its free discussion of all matters, even of the most trivial interest to the inhabitants; that nursery of political virtue and individual independence of character, comporting, as it did, very badly with the social and political ideas of the South this system was swept away, or, if retained in name, was deprived of all its characteristic elements.

There was no little discussion afterwards upon the question whether the art of miming, one of the two main elements of the ballet, is or can be serviceable to the ordinary stage.