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Although we have no words to express, nor indeed minds to grasp, the wonders and glories of that which is behind the Veil, it is possible for some of us to get a glimpse of it through our Window, and to those the following pages may be helpful, but to others the Wall will remain blank; and, here at the commencement, I should like to warn those who have not been through a certain experience, to which I shall refer, that no words of mine will open the Window for them; at the same time it is probable that many of my readers, who think at this stage that they have no knowledge of the subject of this View, will, as we proceed, recognise in the view through the Window something they have experienced more than once in their lifetime, and to these I address myself.

His voice faltered as he laid his other hand for a moment on the girl's fair head; then, turning hastily away, he took up his battered straw hat and went slowly out of the house, an older man, it might have been by ten years, than he had been the night before. Right daughterly did Hilda show herself that day, and Faith herself could hardly have been more tender and helpful.

On the roll call each man stood up and in a few gracious words expressed his pleasure in being able to show his confidence in the helpful co-operation of women in city government by granting them this suffrage. A mass meeting of women was called at once to name a central committee to take charge of the task of getting the women registered immediately as a city election was near at hand.

"I hope it suggests no no well-known features?" put in the Canon nervously. "None at all, I think: but see for yourself. To me it seems although hazy, of course the kind of thing the Home Office might find helpful." "It is less distinct than the others." The Admiral pulled his whiskers. "And for that reason the more obviously composite which is what we are required to furnish.

The first English translations of the Bible were fruits of the social impulse. Wiclif was impressed with the chasm that was growing between the church and the people, and felt that a wider and fuller knowledge of the Bible would be helpful for the closing of the chasm. It is a familiar remark of Miss Jane Addams that the cure for the evils of democracy is more democracy.

To this, though she had no clear belief in the future life, she prayed, especially in difficult moments, as if to an ever-present helpful friend. And by a singular phenomenon sometimes observed after death, the essence of her husband's soul seemed to have passed into hers.

It ought not to be necessary to forbid a Christian to do harmful things; he ought to avoid them because he has no taste for them because he finds more real pleasure and more enduring satisfaction in the things that are innocent and helpful.

Tender memories of her father crowded upon her, her mother's face, grown familiar to her sight from her daily visits to the now no longer veiled picture in the Manor gallery, shone out upon her from the altar like a glorified angel above the white sarcophagus where the word 'Resurget' sparkled jewel-like in the sunshine, and she began to feel that after all there was something in the Christian faith that was divinely helpful and uplifting to the soul.

It was not a temptress who stood before him, but a helpful woman, in whose kind eyes-how beautiful they were in this moment of sympathy there was trust and rest and peace. "So," she said, when he had taken the much-needed draught; "in the hospital you must obey the rules, one of which is to let no one sink in exhaustion." She had taken her seat now, and resumed her work.

Who knows but the best friend we have at this very moment would give anything in the world if his pride would let him bridge that distance between us. Nevertheless the desire to do the right thing was in itself helpful. The thought of doing something for someone was a correct impulse and should have been carried into action.