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It is something which others believe, and perhaps he himself thinks, he might overcome. But in the case of Maurice Kirkwood there was no room for doubt as to the reality and gravity of the long enduring effects of his first convulsive terror. He had accepted the fact as he would have accepted the calamity of losing his sight or his hearing.

He who knows the social customs of Campania, the magical charms scribbled on the walls of Pompeii, the deadly curses scratched on enduring metal by forlorn lovers, curses hidden beneath the threshold or hearthstone of the rival to blight her cheeks and wrinkle her silly face, knows very well that such folks are the very singers that Vergil might meet in his walks about the hills of the golden bay.

This scene was renewed every morning, and the cries and moans of the poor suffering blacks, announced that they were enduring the penalty of slavery, in being the objects on which the irritable and malevolent passions of the whites are allowed to vent themselves with impunity; nor could I help deeply deploring that state of society in which the vilest characters in the community are allowed an almost uncontrolled power of life and death, over their innocent, and far more estimable fellow-creatures."

The Ashburns had not, it seemed, destroyed quite everything that made his life worth enduring the life that so often and so wantonly he had exposed. His son lived, and in London he should have news of him. To London then must he get himself with all dispatch, and he swore to take no rest until he reached it.

Brotherhood is easily established among those who "in honour prefer one another" who are willing to hold office when they are needed, but as willing to serve under others as to command. It is impossible to overestimate the contribution that Christ has made to enduring government in suppressing unworthy ambition and in implanting high and ennobling ideals.

It was plain that the priest could hardly command his feelings, and they sat for a short while in silence. Then Callista began, as if musing on what she had heard. “A loved One,” she said, “yet ideal; a passion so potent, so fresh, so innocent, so absorbing, so expulsive of other loves, so enduring, yet of One never beheld;—mysterious!

Whatever you can say about him, Samuel J. is a business man, and I think he decided that, as a business investment, the Paymaster wasn't worth eighty-three, forty-one. Otherwise he would have bought it himself." "Unless, of course," added the Widow scornfully, "there was some understanding between you." "Oh, yes, sure," returned Wiley, and went on with his eating with a wearied, enduring sigh.

Nothing but the abundance of our actions, nothing but the purity of our lives and the integrity of our characters, can in the last resort establish our claim that the Bahá’í spirit is in this day the sole agency that can translate a long-cherished ideal into an enduring achievement. Paramount Duty of Every Bahá’í

But we are not considering it in this light; we are viewing it in its moral aspect, that respect in which it most strongly affects true civilization, which must soon fall away and lapse into the condition of the ages long past, if it be not sustained by an enduring moral and religious element.

It was not only that he thought ill of the baronet himself, so ill as to feel thoroughly convinced that no good could come from that quarter, but he thought ill also of the baronetcy itself. Sir Patrick, to his thinking, had been altogether unjustifiable in accepting an enduring title, knowing that he would leave behind him no property adequate for its support.

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