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Precisely similar scenes are enacted between the British government and the protected potentates of India; the agents for rival princes contend for regal rights in London, where the government of India is in the last resort controlled. Before setting out on his journey "he called his ten servants," &c. These men were his servants or slaves.

At that place of resort, we stopped to view the stupendous work of Almighty God, and listen to the ceaseless thundering of the cataract. How tame appear the works of art, and how insignificant the bearing of proud, puny man, compared with the awful grandeur of that natural curiosity. Yet there, the rich from all parts of the world, do congregate!

Just above Remagen lies the Victoria-berg, named after the crown-princess of Prussia, the princess-royal of England, and this is the evening resort of weary Remageners a lovely public garden, with skilfully-managed vistas, and a "Victoria temple," placed so as to command the five prettiest views up and down the stream, as well as over the woodland behind the town.

These things are matters, in the final resort, of individual taste rather than of demonstrable principles. But I repeat that you are very young. The critic drained his Lambrusco, and smiled at me. 'Yes, he is young, added Miranda. 'He must learn to distinguish between music, his own imagination, and a pretty woman. At present he mixes them all up together.

"You understand," he concluded after a lengthy statement of confession and avoidance, "we have no very good laboratory facilities of our own to carry out the necessary chemical, pathological, and bacteriological investigations in cases of homicide and suicide. We are often forced to resort to private laboratories, as you know in the past when I have had to appeal to you.

Yamagata continued. "It is to be regretted, however, that the agitation has gradually spread to all parts of the peninsula, while the nature of the disturbance has become malignant, and it was to cope with this situation that the Government was obliged to resort to force. It is earnestly to be hoped that the trouble will be settled peacefully, before the troops are obliged to use their bayonets."

It was quickly discovered that the central erection was ill adapted for the use of the orchestra, and consequently it was transformed into four fireplaces, which were desirable locations in the cold months of the year. Perhaps no surprise need be felt that Ranelagh was not ready when it was opened. What public resort ever has been?

First soil, then plant and animal life, are thus in the last resort wholly dependent for their existence on the amount of rainfall. There can be no rivers, brooks or streams to wash down beds of alluvial deposit from the mountains to the valleys. Practically speaking, there is no water action; the work is all done by sun and wind.

Perhaps, if she started out very early, she could get a position in some shop. There must be plenty of shops in a place the size of Winnipeg. But what would she say when asked what experience she had had? No; that, too, seemed hopeless. As a last resort, she thought of throwing herself on Taylor's mercy.

In other years, when fish failed and the herd of reindeer came not, as a last resort against starvation the dogs went into the soup pot. But they had fared better lately, and so now they were all in the finest trim, and the trained ones were as eager here for the races as were their masters. There were about a dozen trains that contended for the victory in this next race.