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He introduced me at once to Messrs. Charles, Swaine, and Snodie, masters of districts, who, from long residence in the country, were perfectly acquainted with the different modes of travelling, and the obstructions which might be anticipated.

'By God, Wriothesley said when she entered the long gallery where the men were. 'This is a fair woman! She had command of her features, and her eyes were upon the ground; it was a part of a woman's upbringing to walk well, and her masters had so taught her when she had lived with her grandmother, the old duchess.

I want to see justice, righteousness, fairness and humanity displayed in all the laws of the United States, and I do not want any power to intervene between the people and their government. Justice is what we want, not patronage and condescension and pitiful helpfulness. The trusts are our masters now, but I for one do not care to live in a country called free even under kind masters.

Masters." And Diana knew anybody might as well get the Great Pyramid to disclose its secrets. That night's train took them to Boston. The next morning they went on their way towards New York; and so far Mr. Masters had found no good time for his proposed explanations. Diana was busied with the baby, and contrived to keep herself away from him or from communication with him.

With this inevitable laxity of faith and morals, contracted by his early vagabondage, he at least acquired an emancipation from prejudice, and displayed a craving after miscellaneous information, to which his European masters were often tasked to contribute. Thrown almost in childhood upon their resources, the energy and perseverance of these boys is remarkable.

"You know I'm responsible for you " His frown melted into his smile. "Sure, if you put it like that!" "Now, you're a sensible, accommodating, self-restrained lad, and every other adjective in Samuel Smiles. You could charm the buttons off a policeman and you'll see how really nice he can be." "You'll take out time until I get over my grouch?" "Of course." They were approaching Masters and Dr.

"You called him a skeptic, and he does, in fact, pride himself on going further than the old masters of the school. Diligent study has brought him to the point of regarding nothing as certain, but, on the other hand, everything as possible. The last result he can arrive at is the probability since certainty there is none that it is impossible ever to know anything, be it what it may.

"One of the best men in the village has been giving me his opinion this afternoon that there isn't a man in that place" he pointed to it "that couldn't live, and live well aye, and take the masters' terms to-morrow but for the drink!" His keen look ran over Burrows from head to foot. "And I know who that is," said Burrows, with a sneer.

For instinctively we are all alike; it is the Way in which we manage our instincts that shows divergence; just as men and women are alike in possessing fingers, whereas no two finger-prints are ever the same. Mr. Masters has the double power of irony and sarcasm.

Now it does give me real pain to speak in this almost unappreciative way of the old masters and their martyrs, because good friends of mine in the ship friends who do thoroughly and conscientiously appreciate them and are in every way competent to discriminate between good pictures and inferior ones have urged me for my own sake not to make public the fact that I lack this appreciation and this critical discrimination myself.