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What makes you ask such a thing?" "I thought he looked as if he had dressed himself for a cold climate," said Barby dryly. Fleda sat down by Hugh's easy-chair and laid her head on his breast. "I like your Mr. Carleton very much," Hugh whispered after awhile. "Do you?" said Fleda, a little wondering at Hugh's choice of that particular pronominal adjective. "Very much indeed.

And India by finding true independence and self-expression through an imperishable Hindu-Muslim unity and through non-violent means, i.e., unadulterated self sacrifice can point a way out of the prevailing darkness. Vivekanand used to call the Panchamas 'suppressed classes. There is no doubt that Vivekanand's is a more accurate adjective.

The first was succeeded in office by Thomas Hutchinson, Lieutenant-Governor of the province under Sir Fraucis Bernard, who was appointed governor in this notable year 1760 as the successor of Thomas Pownall, who had succeeded Governor William Shirley. Hutchinson to use the adjective which John Adams was wont to apply to himself and other patriots to the manner born was a Massachusettensian.

Jaegers has contributed also the figure of "Nature" on top of the music niche and the capital bulls on the pylons toward the north of the court. These terra cotta bulls are surely worthy of the adjective derived from them. Their relative size is very good, and to see them in the richness of their color against the upper regions of a dark blue sky is very effective.

I'll remember him, one day!" A word in this is not the one Daverill used, and his adjective is twice omitted. Aunt M'riar's puzzled face produced a more temperate explanation, to the effect that Micky had carried the letter to a "tec," or detective, who had "got at him," and that the letter had been tampered with at the police-station.

His prudent daughter understood in the adjective applied to her a hint which the wily lady would not have dared to make direct to the high-spirited old soldier, namely, that the continuance of his livelihood might depend on his consent.

We must also enter an earnest protest against the importation, upon any terms, of such words as "ironoxydulcarbonate," "ironoxydhydrate," and the adjective "anhydrate." Some descriptions of considerable imaginative power have found place even in the directory of works.

We are apt to be rather over-supplied in June." "Indeed! all sorts, I suppose." "Yes, a variety, and just now three charming young women from the South." "Rather a strong adjective charming. I might hesitate to apply it to a whole flock. I think men are more apt to use it than women." "I stand by my adjective. Take care of your laurels, Miss Grey.

The gentle oath, the violent adjective, which are typical of our language and which he had cultivated before as a sign of manliness, he now elaborately eschewed. Having settled the whole matter to his satisfaction he sought to put it out of his mind, but that was more easily said than done; and he could not prevent the regrets nor stifle the misgivings which sometimes tormented him.

Following the example of several successful New York authors, he plunged into a hectic portrayal of 'high' society, a set of people that makes one wonder as to the exact meaning of the adjective.

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