Lie on this bed; now sleep if thou wilt thou wilt arise the better for it." And in a few minutes, all anxiety forgotten, Wilfred slept slept heavily. Geoffrey watched him awhile, then departed. The morrow, and a great multitude of spectators had arranged themselves around the slopes of the mound, just before sunrise.

He watched me in silence for awhile. At last he spoke. "I have chosen you to go with me," he said, "because although you know a thing, you don't speak of it, and although you see a thing, you can appear blind." I remembered that Madame thought my blindness deficient, but I received the compliment in silence. "These great qualities," he pursued, "make a man's fortune.

But truth, to be abiding, must be sought after with an eager thirst; and it came to Horace crowned with flowers; he condescended to take the charmer in, and obeyed her for awhile, then she was forgotten, he thought not why, and he imperceptibly returned to the real self, which Elma had never before had an opportunity to become acquainted with. Three years went by.

After awhile she awoke and finding herself in a cage of iron on a man's head and seeing Bulukiya walking beside the bearer, said to him, 'This is the reward of those who do no hurt to the sons of Adam. Answered he, 'O Queen, have no fear of us, for we will do thee no hurt at all.

I continue to answer your question, by saying, in the second place, that, had the abolitionists full liberty to multiply their "societies and movements" in the slave States, they would probably think it best to have the great proportion of them yet awhile in the free States. To rectify public opinion on the subject of slavery is a leading object with abolitionists.

There must be no self-reproaches between us twain, Miss Weems, for we must become strangers to each other in this world, and when we part I would not leave with you one bitter recollection." There was sorrow in his tone, and the young girl paused awhile and gazed through the lattice earnestly into the gathering gloom of evening. "We must not be strangers, Mr. Wayne."

She had heard wondrous reports from time to time by dwellers in Weatherbury, who had by chance sojourned awhile in Casterbridge, near the barracks, of this strange and glorious perform- ance, *tlie sword-exercise.

Then a harsh voice told him to walk round the water to the left and wait awhile; which Paullinus did. Soon he heard steps come out of the house and come to the water's edge. Then he heard sounds as though some one were walking on a hollow board then with a word of warning there fell the end of a plank near him on the bank, and he was bidden to come across.

Pa and the rest of us sat in the buckboard while the Indians began to feast on something cooking in a shack. We looked at each other for awhile, not daring to make a noise for fear it would offend the Indians. Pretty soon an old chief came and called Pa the Great Father, and called me a pup, and he invited us to come into camp and partake of the feast.

But when he looked into that fine countenance, he well remembered every feature; and he wondered why he, had not known him, even when they met so unexpectedly in the excitement of the battle. That was a happy hour; and, in the joy of meeting so many that he loved, Henrich for awhile forgot that any one was missing.