But he heard no sound of pursuit, and after a time the wondrous beauty of the glen in which they had halted, with its rushing waters and green lacing ferns, had so composing an effect upon his spirits, that he began to take an interest in the flowers that hung here and there, while the song of a finch sounded pleasant and homelike.

"Shirley is generally prompt, and is apt to breeze in here any second now, with his two hundred pounds and six feet of brawn and ginger. I wonder " "Why do you suppose such a paragon is desired by your friend? Who is he? What is he like, not an ordinary actor " and the wondrous eyes darkened with a curious thought. "My dear lady, no one has discovered the mental secrets of Montague Shirley.

He gruffly asked what the empress wanted. "Go down to Riu Gu and beg his majesty Kai Riu O, the Dragon King of the World Under the Sea, to give me the two jewels of the tides," said the imperial lady. Now among the treasures in the palace of the Dragon King of the World Under the Sea were two jewels having wondrous power over the tides.

He had gone no one knew whither. The committee told the inspector all about Jake, gave him a minute description of him, of his ways, his gait, and his clothes, and went home feeling that they had been wondrous smart in putting so sharp a man on the track he would never have thought of if they hadn't mentioned Jake's name.

So he went up to her and aroused her, whereupon she awoke, weeping; and he asked her, "Whence comest thou and whose daughter art thou and what be the cause of thy coming hither?"; and she answered, "I am the daughter of Ibrahim, Wazir to King Shamikh; and the manner of my coming hither is wondrous and the cause thereof marvellous."

Human nature sat tributary at the feet of him and his Golden Bride. As he could not well talk his thoughts before them, he looked out at the windows, and enjoyed the changing landscape, projecting all sorts of delights for his old friend Ripton, and musing hazily on the wondrous things he was to do in the world; of the great service he was to be to his fellow-creatures.

Spear, the antiquarian," I repeated. "It's not Bill Spear who keeps a secondhand-shop, you want, mebbe?" "Yes; I think that is the man." And so we were directed to the "secondhand-shop," which proved to be the rooms of the Quincy Historical Society. And there we saw such a wondrous collection of secondhand stuff that, as we looked and looked, and Mr.

With the wondrous fact that God is with man, Immanuel, forever and forevermore? That evening he spent with the family in their pretty sitting room, and in answer to some questions about the Last Judgment, talked for a few minutes about this large fresco, which occupied seven years of Michael Angelo's life.

As for the smaller man Ralph had no knowledge of him, for he could see but little of his face, whereas he was wrapped up in a cloak, for as warm as the evening was, and wore a slouch hat withal; but his eyes seemed great and wondrous bright. But when they were gone Ralph asked Roger if he knew aught of them, or if they had told him aught.

If coal is important in this direction, it is no less important in a purely scientific point of view, apart from any mercantile end. The chemist or physicist will tell you the wondrous story that the black substance which you burn is simply so much light and heat and motion borrowed from the sun and invested in the tissues of plants.