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"Golly!" gasped Freddy, who had crept in behind his chum. "Is is he dead, Dan?" "Not not yet, but he looks mighty close to it. Mr. Wirt " he faltered, bending over the prostrate form; "Mr. Wirt!" he repeated louder. There was no answer. "I'm afraid he's gone," said Dan, in an awe-struck voice; and Freddy burst into boyish tears. "What are you crying about?" asked Dan, gruffly.

Norman had been eyeing the doll with no pleasant feelings; he did not like that his sister should receive a present when he thought that there was none for him. "You may call her Lucy, or whatever you fancy," he answered gruffly, "boys like me do not care for dolls." "He is a fine, manly, little fellow," observed Captain Vallery. "I have not forgotten you, though, Norman.

I know your kind hell-bent to spend what you cash in, and every mother's son of you in the pen or with his toes turned up inside of a month." "Who'll put us there?" gruffly demanded the bowlegged one. Collins smiled at him with confidence superb "Mebbe I will and if I don't Bucky O'Connor will those of you that are left alive when you go through shooting each other in the back.

"Good-by, little girl," he said gruffly. Clara was so grateful she could not reply. On the train she spent an hour weeping softly. The rough gentleness of the old farm hand had done much to take the growing bitterness out of her heart. She felt that she was ready to begin life anew, and wished she had not left the farm without coming to a better understanding with her father.

You, sergeant you know I can't get up there at my time of life, and it's your duty to send your men. I order you, in the King's name, to search that roof." "Oh, very well," said the sergeant gruffly. "Here, number one and two, stand your muskets up against the wall. No, one of you only. You, Jem Cogan; you are a light one. Up you go. You are not quite so heavy as the constable here."

They remained in their places while Harlan understanding that Poggs and Lanky would not accept his invitation spoke gruffly to them: "This camp ain't got any room for skunks that go to framin' up on any of the boys. Today you done it to me tomorrow you'd try to pull it off on some other guy. "You're travelin' pronto. You're gettin' your cayuses.

"Are you that Rolf who is styled Ganger?" enquired Erling with some interest. "Aye," replied the other gruffly. "At least I am Rolf. Men choose to call me Ganger because I prefer to gang on my legs rather than gang on the legs of a horse. They say it is because no horse can carry me; but thou seest that that is a lie, for I am not much heavier than thyself."

Simon," gruffly interposed the coachman; "it's a case for a coroner, I'll be bail; so here I goes to bring him: let all bide as it is, fellow-sarvents; murder will out, they say." And off he set directly not without a shrewd remark from Mr.

We have been stanch friends for too many years for any one at this late date to come between us; and you must never envy me my little share in the boy's friendship." The two men had risen and now stood before the fire with clasped hands. "I was an old fool to-night, Jack; that was all," said Mr. Underwood, rather gruffly.

As the light shone on the man and he recognized Jonathan Gay, he hesitated an instant, as though uncertain whether to advance or retreat. "If I'd known 'twas you," he observed gruffly, "I shouldn't have been so quick about getting down out of my gig." "Thank you, all the same," replied Gay in his pleasant voice. "It doesn't seem to be a stone, after all," he added.

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